I Will Fulfil My Mother’s Dairy: Akhila Priya

Posted : October 29, 2014 at 2:44 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Bhooma Akhila Priya who became MLA at a young age of just 27, carries the burden of fulfilling the wishes of people in her Allagadda constituency and carrying forward the legacy left behind by her mother late, Sobha Nagireddy, most popular leader in the region.


After winning unopposed following the sudden and most tragic demise of her mother Sobha Nagireddy in a car accident, Akhila Priya spoke about her dreams and aspirations.

– People are seeing your Mother Sobha Nagireddy in you. How could you cope such huge burden?

AP – When my mother entered politics even she is just 26 years. Both of us made entry with just months difference. When my mother entered she had additional responsibilities like handling family and also bringing up children. My mom didnot get scared of them and I hope to work drawing inspiration from her.

– People may have lot of expectations from you

AP-Yes. Mother gained lot of respect with her good work as a MLA. I should work hard to reach that stage. I should first study each and every subject in detail and I am prepared for it. When I step out in Allagadda, people are instilling courage and confidence in me remembering my mother. I feel as if I am with my mother in their company. I love to spend more time with them.

– Your experiences on campaigning along with your mother

AP – We three children campaigned for father and mother right from childhood. At that time we were excited. Now I noticed that people are gripped with sorrow and scares with out my mother. I saw courage only after they came to know that anyone from our family will enter into politics for them.

– What are your plans for Allagadda

AP – Mother penned what she wished to do for Allagadda in a diary. Those are not her plans for Allagadda but what people of Allagadda asked for. I came to know about the diary after her death. I wish to complete all of them.

– You planned to settle in Business before entering politics

AP-Mother always told that it is good to provide employment to the people of the constituency. So we started diary farm and planned to start industries helpful for farmers.

– When did you come to know about your Mother’s following among people?

AP – Mother always looked like a house wife for us. She always felt that we shouldn’t miss her though she was in politics. She used to enquire us whether we had meals or slept according to time every hour where ever she was. She used to rush home when we fell sick. Only after she passed away, we came to know about the support she got among people of Allagaddda.

– Do you think as a elder daughter you should take care of your sister, brother and bring them up according to your mother’s dreams. Take care of your father? Are these your missions?

AP – My life’s mission will be decided the way a person lives and strives to reach his goals and missions. I am not missing anything in my life except my mother.