Vaadu Veedu Review :2.75/5

Posted : June 17, 2011 at 1:37 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Rating: 2.75/5
Film: Vaadu Veedu
Starring: Vishal,Arya,Madhu Shalini,Janani Iyer,ambika and others
Director: Bala
Producer: Kalpathi S Aghoram
Banner: GK Film Corporation
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vaadu Veedu Story:


Movie begins with the trade mark scenes of Bala. Walter (Vishal) and is the step brother of Dhandala Swamy(Arya). The brothers have a celebration time in their village living life in their own way but don’t maintain good relationship on each other as they have more ego rifts. Walter aspires to become and actor while his brother Swamy wants to turn as a petty thief.

Both Walter and Swamy work near one Jamindar (G M Kumar), who is a rich and influential landlord in the village. He sacrifices all his wealth for the villagers and commands their respect in return. One day Jamindar gets snubbed by a forest ranger and he decides to take revenge on them. As Walter and Swamy are very close to him he takes the help. In order to take revenge on the forest ranger the brothers block the way of and attack him. In the meantime Police rush to the spot but both escape from the spot.

Swamy falls in love with Madhu Shalini while his brother Walter loves a lady constable (Janani).

Meanwhile, Jamindar comes across a man (RK) a cattle smuggler who smuggles aged cows (incapable of providing milk) and sells them to buyers in Kerala for the sake of consumption as beef. The cows are purchased in accordance to its weight and ensure that they get more money, the sellers force the aged cows to consume thick layers of mud mixed with water as it would look hefty.

On knowing this Jamindar informs this to the Blue Cross and police and gets him arrested. But RK comes back and tries to revenge on Jamindar. How he takes revenge on the Jamindar? Will Vishal and Arya are able to save their Jamindar?


Vishal, who has done mostly mass entertainers proved his mettle with this distinct film Vaadu Veedu. He has given an outstanding performance in the role of Walter. Vishal as squinted eye boy and also a transgender has delivered his best as one can watch his effort in each & every scene of the movie. The film will surely be a land mark film in Vishal’s career.

Arya has done his best with his dialogues and the humor part done by the film is an added flavour to the movie. All his hard work shows up in the film and has given a tough competition to Vishal in terms of performance but his character is on par with Vishal’s role.

Actress Madhu Shalini as the love interest of Arya did her role well and she looked apt for the role. Janani Iyer the new comer did perfect justice to the role of innocent police constable.

R.K excelled in the role of baddie and he is the perfect fit to the role. G. M. Kumar evoked outstanding humor and he is the big plus for comedy scenes. Ambika and Jaya Prabha as mothers to Vishal and Arya respectively have done a great job. Suriya’s cameo is one of the highlight in the movie.


The best part of the film is Bala’s direction which is terrific and outstandingly brilliant. He should be appreciated for characterization and appropriate casting. But unlike Bala’s earlier outings Vaadu Veedu lacks in story. Though the characterizations and their establishment in the film are outstanding, the film falls short due to its thin story line. However Bala’s creative orientation in visualizing shots engages the audiences to the screens.

Background score and re-recording by Yuvan Shankar Raja is terrific but the songs are okay. Vishal’s intro BGM is Yuvan’s treat to the masses. Screenplay is good most of the times. Dialogues are mediocre. Cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson is top-class while Editing could have been more compact. Screenplay is the main plus point of the film. Action sequences are true to reality and effective.


First half of the film is outstanding while the second half has some dragging moments with very slow pace. However the director got back his pace in the pre climax. The last 30 mins of the film is effective again.

Vaadu Veedu doesn’t stand on par with Bala’s earlier films (which were much appreciated) in terms of its story, but over all the film is packed with humorous scenes. Vaadu Veedu can be enjoyed as a time-pass entertainer; it gives you a different experience watching a different film.

Quick Take: Poor story line, Excellent Characterizations!!!