TDP-Cong-YSR’s ‘100’ wars

Posted : August 21, 2012 at 7:42 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Media never hails any person with out any strong reason. So when it hailed TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu as modern day chanakya some might have mocked fun at him and some others might have not taken it seriously. However except for telangana turmoil he has been pin point and clear on his strategies in countering his opponents and rival political parties. Buzz is that he is evolving a strong strategy even on telangana. For the present when Naidu announced with much fan fare that his party will honor BCs by giving 100 tickets to them, many were stumped by his decision. Congress went a step ahead and announced that it will give 200 tickets in the next election. TDP even chalked out the strategy to get BC leaders from all parts of the state and organise felicitation program of its leader each day so that they get optimum mileage on the whole issue. They felt just like KCR is holding patent on Telangana, they can now have the patent on BC rights.
However all this backfired with YSR CP leader Vijayamma dashed off a letter to Chandra Babu Naidu asking him to come forward that he would give not 100 tickets but 100 seats to BC candidates. The letter shocked Naidu and TDP party shocking them completely. They seem to be at loss on how to respond to this letter and instead of responding to the contents of the letter, all its leaders indulged in mud slinging campaign against YSR, Jagan and Vijayamma. In private conversations they were heard discussing how could Vijayamma shoot a letter. At the most she could have said her party would give 110 tickets or more to BC candidates.
This shows that no party is interested in working for the good of any particular caste though constitution says that one should not be discriminated on caste, creed, sex and religion basis. They clearly know that their promises will not hold good legally and any reservation will be quashed in the court of law. However for votes they are just taking BCs for a ride. Hope BCs will see through the evil designs of these power hungry politicians.