Swamy Ra Ra Review – 3/5

Posted : March 25, 2013 at 10:52 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Rating: 3/5
Cast : Nikhil, Swathi, Ravi Babu, Pooja Ramachandran and others
Directed by : Sudhir Varma
Produced by : Chakri Chigurupati
Banner : Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments
Music : Sunny
Release Date : 2013-03-23

Swamy Ra Ra is a low budget film which didn’t rise any expectations among the film lovers. However the film has a decent star cast to grab the attention and director Sudhir Varma made his attempt count with the limited resources he has in offer.



Surya (Nikhil) a pickpocketer falls in love with Swathi (Swathi), from whom he steals a bike. Swathi lands in a trouble due to a stole idol of Ganesha and Surya has a part to play in it. Now he has to save her from deadly goons who are after that invaluable idol.

Nikhil is decent as the pick pocketer. His usual over enthusiastic nature is missing and that is a welcome change. He did well as the lead man with a neat performance. Swathi is fine as the innocent young lady. She impresses with her cool attitude. Pooja is striking as Nikhil’s friend. Ravi Babu is competitive. Jeeva is routine and all others did well in their respective roles. Most of the star cast consists newcomers and all of them are good.


Music by Sunny is an asset. His background score did the talking for this technically well made film. Cinematography is top notch for a film made in a very limited budget. The technical crew deserves a pat for making this technically brilliant in all aspects. Editing could have been crisper though. Dialogues penned by the director are alright. Director Sudhir Varma is an ardent fan of Ram Gopal Varma and there are many scenes and instances where he reminds you of vintage Varma. The director also is inspired by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. The film is made in the lines of Lock Stock and two smoking barrels and Snatch. Director has a style in conceiving action scenes and it is commendable.


Despite all its positives, Swamy Ra Ra fails at times due to slow pace. This gets on to your nerves during few scenes. Director is fond of slow motion camera movements and he implements that style in chase sequences too. The film pleads to rush the proceedings and director took his own sweet time to wrap things up. That is the biggest minus for this film.

If you can pardon its pace, Swamy Ra Ra makes a decent watch for its premise and technical finesse. It is pretty hard to find small budget gems these days. This film is one of those rare good films in this zone. This film will impress the audience who look for some variety. The director was caught in a dilemma whether to make this a thriller or a comedy and he ended up somewhere in the middle.

If he had a clear idea about the genre and stuck to his guns this film might have been a better one. However, despite the short comings, Swamy Ra Ra is worth watching and will appeal to the target audience. It has a fair chance to work in A centers if promoted well.

Verdict: Nice work Swamy!