Sega Movie Review

Posted : July 29, 2011 at 11:05 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Film: Sega
Starring: Nani, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi,Nithya Menon
Director: Anjana Ali Khan
Producer: Ashok Vallabhaneni
Banner: Mana Desam Movies
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Rating : 2/5

Sega Story


The story opens in North Chennai slums where two young boys are left lonely from their family. A noble person Sekhar takes care of both the brothers and they grow big in a decent way. Sekhar takes care of elder brother Balaji (Muthukumar) and his sibling Karthik (Nani) and makes them study.

Karthik spend most of his time with his close friend Vishnu (Karthik Kumar) who hails from the same locality and maintains a bike workshop. As years pass by Revathy who works at a Xerox shop and also the daughter of Sekhar falls in love with Karthik. Meanwhile Jothi turns as a pimp and works with drug dealer Ammaji (Jennifer) in the same area.

At one point Vishnu meets Vani (Bindu Madhavi) who is a call girl and falls in love with her. Knowing that Vishnu is in love with Vani, Jothi decides to use him for his drug dealings. He assigns him a task of transporting drugs to Pondicherry and Karthik also joins him in this dealing. Vishnu accepts to take up this deal as he wants to take Vani from that place. But at one point of time Vishnu comes across the truth that it was a plan by Jothi to bump him off and he returns to Chennai. It was on the same night Vishnu gets killed and the guilt falls on Karthik as he accompanied him.

How Vishnu was killed? What are the circumstances that lead to Vishnu’s murder? What was Karthik doing when Vishnu was killed? Is Karthik the real culprit? If not how will he prove that he didn’t kill Vishnu? What is the situation of Viji? You can get the reply for all these questions on the big screen.


Nani is completely natural while playing the character of Karthik. He has shown different variations like a brother, lover and also a close friend to Vishnu in the best way possible.
Karthik Kumar as Vishnu did his best.
Nithya Menon performed well on her limits but her character has a limited scope while Bindu Madhavi is the show stealer as she got into the skin of the character of a prostitute.
Muthu kumar is fine. Rest of the casts were adequate.


Music by Joshua Sridhar is melodious and soothing. Three songs are good to the ears and blend with the storyline. Joshua’s music is said to be the highlight of the film. Cinematography by Om Prakash is very smooth and certainly he created magic with his visuals. Dialogues are mediocre. Editing by Anthony is adequate bit could have been better in the second half. Art department is upto the mark.

Debutant director Anjana Ali Khan has come up with a good storyline and she needs to be commended for taking up such realistic subject on the dark side of drugs and prostitution. However, the problem with Sega is it lacks in its narration due to the slow-paced screenplay.


Sega is made with the backdrop of North Madras showcasing the dark side of drugs and Prostitution. However, you don’t get a particular clarity as Sega is strictly related to which genre? A dark film or a love story or a thriller? The story is a bit confusing. The first half has nothing to offer except some breezy moments with a thin storyline while the entire second half moves on a predictable note which takes away the interest of the audiences. Predictable story, confusing narration and ineffective direction played as a spoilsport for Sega.

Final Verdict

Watch it at your own risk!!!