Seemandhra reps to stump with 9 questions

Posted : January 20, 2014 at 9:22 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Seemandhra Congress representatives furious on their High Command in Delhi and the most revered Sonia Gandhi not heeding to their requests and threats are getting ready to stump them with 9 questions.

On crucial telangana bill, seemandhra representatives fired 9 questions to Union Govt. They met speaker Nandendla Manohar and submitted those 9 questions. Seemandhra representatives are demanding answers to those questions which is making Telangana representatives angry.
They allege seemandhra people are coming with these questions only to delay Telangana formation. The 9 questions which are tormenting Telangana are as follows
1. What are the recommendations of Law,Finance and Water departments on Telangana bill
2. Opinion of Attorney General on 371D and Common Capital
3.Opinion of Attorney General on giving special powers to Governor
4. Under which section did the bill was tabled in front of cabinet
5. What Antony committee said on divison to address seemandhra problems
6. Opinion of Union Finance Ministry on common capital
7.Opinion of Union Home Ministry on inclusion of Bhadrachalam division in Telangana
8. What is the status of electricity in Govt organisations which was not allocated in the last 14yrs. Is legislation necessary for distribution of power to states from Captive power stations?
9. When states have full authority on sharing of water resources,how can Union Govt say it will be incharge of water resources of both Telangana and seemandhra.