Daruvu Movie Review – 2.75/5

Posted : May 25, 2012 at 10:10 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Rating: 2.75/5.0
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Entertainments LTD.
Presented by: Smt. Nagamuneeswari
Cast: Ravi Teja, Tapsee, Brahmanamdam, Jayasudha, Prabhu, Vennela Kishore, Sayaji Shinde, Raghu babu, Sushanth Singh, Dharmavarapu, Sana, M.S.Narayana

Music: Vijay Antony
Producer: Burugupalli Sivarama Krishna
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Siva
CBFC rating: U/A
Release date: 25-05-2012

Story: Bullet raja(Ravi Teja) is tapori who lives in Chennai falls in love with Swetha(Tapsee) and expresses his love in the engagement function of hers(with Harbor babu(Sushanth Singh)). Chitra Gupta(M.S Narayana) in the yamalokam intentionally does a mistake of killing Bullet raja. Later after realizing the mistake Yama(Prabhu) justifies by sending him into the body of Ravindra(Ravi teja) a corrupt Home Minister. What happens after that? is what the movie is about.
Performances: Raviteja is energetic as usual; he entertains you all through. Tapsee provides the required glamour. Prabhu & M.S. Narayana are okay as Yama and Chitra Gupta. Vennela kishore was wasted. Jayasudha and Sayaji Shinde are okay. Raghu babu and Brahmanandam are good. Music by Vijay Antony is below Average. The art work is fine and VFX is not so impressive. The editing could have been better. The story is old one, Dialogues are adequate. The screenplay is predictable and the Direction is good in parts. The production values are rich.
Analysis: The movie is a free make of Chiranjeevi Starred “Yamudiki Mogudu”. The complete story line is lifted and presented with a new backdrop. The second half appears bit changed (political backdrop).
Raviteja solely takes the burden of the movie onto his shoulders. He tried his best to entertain. His energy levels are high and he performed well in both the roles. The second role (politician) is some thing new to Ravi teja. His body language is good and suited well to the characters. Tapsee is wasted (she doesn’t have much role). She is restricted to the songs and glamour show. She is okay as cute sweet girl but she has to improve a lot in terms of performance (acting). Sushant is okay. Sayaji Shinde fitted to the role. Jayasudha has done her bit well. Brahmanandam and Raghu babu tried their best to entertain. Prabhu suited well to the role of Young Yama. M.S.Narayana is okay. Vennela Kishore, Srinivas reddy are limited to brief roles.
The comedy episodes between brahmanandam and Raviteja started on a promising note but failed to entertain you to the core. The over dose of repeated stuff bores you much. Raghu babu as pavitra nanda is impressive (earlier he entertained in a similar get-up in sivaji starred TATA BIRLA MADHYALO LAILA movie as “Aasa Dosa Appadam Vada”) with Dinka Chika Dinka Chika here. The director missed the logic (Sushanth and his team fail miserably in searching bullet raja in AP till the end of the movie, who exactly looks like Home minister) many times. If you can leave away the logic and relevance you can enjoy more.
The art work is good. The VFX work could have been better. Editing by Gowtham raju could have been better. Some scenes appeared stretched to maximum. Music by Vijay Antony is not up to the mark, he re-used his own Tamil tunes but they lacked melody. The Background score is loud. We can hear a lot of horrible shouts and sounds in loud volume (problem with the re-recording) which irritate you much. All the songs are mere speed breakers. The story wise the movie lacks freshness. The screenplay too is predictable. Dialogues are good in a couple of scenes. The Direction in a couple of scenes is good.
The director solely banged on Raviteja’s energy, style and the combination of Ravi teja and brahmanandam to explore entertainment (which didn’t work well as it became too repetitive). The lemon game(“Amma Nanna O Nimmakayi”) got good response in the theater.You can find similarities with all the previous Yamalokam movies like Yamagola, yamudiki Mogudu and Yama Donga. The Yamalokam Scenes lacked logic and appeared irrelevant at times. The emotional threads make you disconnected. The characterization of Chitra gupta is very cheap and makes no sense. There are many scenes which are loud and have gone overboard at times. The second half may appeal to the masses when compared to the first half. The interval episode and the Climax (even though the villains change all of a sudden) have come out well. The climax reminds you of many high budgeted Tamil and Telugu flicks.
The fate of the movie depends on how the B, C Centers and masses receive the movie.
Plus: Raviteja’s energy, Entertainment
Minus: Music, Story, Screenplay
Verdict: Below Average routine Yamalokam Movie, if watching routine Stuff from Ravi Teja doesn’t bore you much then you can give a try.