Rapid Fire with Ram Gopal Varma

Posted : April 3, 2014 at 11:16 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Ram Gopal Varma, unarguably, cemented his position as one of the finest directors in Indian Cinema. Every RGV’s film is a statement in itself irrespective of the impact it created at Box Office. He has made films rooted in reality. RGV made actors out of stars. Hit, flop or break-even, his films continue to hit headlines. Ram Gopal Varma virtually redefined cinema in his own terms. Notwithstanding his track record of debacles, every RGV’s film continue to create buzz ahead of its release. And his forthcoming film Rowdy, starring Mohan Babu, Jayasudha and Manchu Vishnu in the stellar roles, slated for release on April 4 too is no different as it is surrounded by hype.What is Rowdy all about?

Naturally, Rowdy is a person who defies system either for good reasons or for bad reasons. Mohan Babu garu is “Good Rowdy” in this film. Whatever he does in the film, he does it for a cause, for a reason. The film set in Rayalaseema backdrop deals with factionism. Yet the film predominantly showcases family bonding, relation between husband (Mohan Babu) and wife (Jayasudha).


Ever since the news is out that you’re teaming up with Mohan Babu garu, there were a lot of speculations and rumours about your combo. What’s your take on them?

Well, even I did hear them. For the record, Mohan Babu garu is the most comfortable actor I’ve ever worked with. He is director’s actor. We shared good bond on the sets of Rowdy.

Most of the lead roles in your films have similar shades of defying system, rebellious attitude including your last film Satya 2. What is the difference between your previous films and Rowdy?

Unlike my previous films, Rowdy has high doses of sentiment. Perhaps, this is first of its kind film in my career which portrays sentiments.

The trailers, visuals of Rowdy have shades of Mario Puzo’s God Father. Is the film loosely inspired from God Father?

Any film which dwells on crime genre and a story of father-son is often compared to classic God Father. In fact, I myself made three to four films out of God Father. Rowdy does have similarities to God Father and Sarkar but totally different film. Anna (Mohan Babu) character bears no resemblance

What are the qualities in Mohan Babu garu and Manchu Vishnu that impressed you?

Mohan Babu garu’s discipline, punctuality, passion for films, the manner in which he run educational institutions have impressed me. Manchu Vishnu is following his dad’s foot steps. I found Vishnu as good actor. Rowdy will unleash never-before-seen Vishnu. Not many knew that Vishnu is serious off-the-screen. I’m just showcasing Real Vishnu on Reel in Rowdy.

The 11-minute action sequence in Rowdy is much talked about as it is perhaps the lengthiest episode in Indian Cinema. Don’t you think audience get bored of such lengthy action episode?

To me, this is another just action sequence. I’m not concerned whether the sequence is 10-minute or 11-minute. Rather than duration, the intensity is what bothers me. I’m sure this action episode strike a chord with audience.

You’re recreating Siva’s cycle-chain music track in Rowdy. Is it coincidence or just deliberate?

It is deliberate act. I’ve been looking for right opportunity to rehash Siva’s cycle-chain music track. Somehow I felt, Rowdy is the right bet. Music director Sai Karthik blend it perfectly into Rowdy theme. I’m glad already it got very good response on YouTube.

Being successful director in 25-year-long career, what is the transformation you’ve observed in yourself?

It’s for you (critics) to say. I can’t talk about myself.

Hit or flop, you seem to be unfazed by Box Office results. What drives you to go forward and continue to make films?

I’m a story teller and that’s what drive me.

There were media reports that you’re contesting from Hyderabad Parliament seat?

(Even before completion of question, RGV interrupts) I have no such political plans. It is sad that vernacular dailies acting like rumour mongering websites. Wish they should have contacted me before writing such story. I’m always available to media.

Your Bollywood plans seem to have taken backseat. When are you going to start your most-anticipated Sarkar 3? Is Amitabh party of franchise?

My Hindi film may start from August. Sarkar 3 is very much on cards and Amitabh is part of it.

What are your upcoming Telugu films. What happened to your pet project Reddy Garu Poyaru?

I’m planning to direct Vishnu Manchu again after wrapping up Rowdy promotions. Unlike reports it is not titled Tension Tension. The shooting of Patta Pagalu, with Rajasekhar and Swati Dixit, is completed and is ready for release. Reddy Garu Poyaru is kept on hold. I’ll certainly make a film in political backdrop very soon.