Prema Kavali – Movie Review

Posted : February 26, 2011 at 6:55 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Film: Prema Kavali
Starring: Aadi, Isha Chawla, Dev Gill, Nagendra Babu, Jayasu
Director: K Vijaya Bhaskar
Producer: K Atchi Reddy
Banner: Max India Productions
Music: Anoop Rubens
Rating : 2.5/5

Aadi, son of Dialogue King and TV host Saikumar has reached the big screens with his debut film Prema Kavali today. Prema Kavali is touted as a youthful love entertainer which has been made with a budget of 12crores. Being a son of famous actor, Prema Kavali would be a test for Aadi’s acting skills and talent. Did Aadi live upto expectations? Will director Vijay Bhaskar bounce back with Prema Kavali. Here is the Prema Kavali movie review.



Srinu (Aadi) is a college going guy, whose classmate is Prema (Isha Chawla). The duo happens to be friends and slowly falls in love with each other without their knowledge but do not express their love. Srinu, while leaving to a college NCC camp kisses Prema which will be photographed by Shafi. The latter tries to blackmail Prema for money. Prema’s father (Nazar) is a jail superintendent. Shafi demands Prema to get the details of her father’s Email and Password. Prema’s sister-in-law who comes to know the circumstances informs to Srinu when he comes back from NCC camp. On the other hand Shafi will have relations with the villain Dev Gill and both are in the mission to bring out an international terrorist from the Chanchalaguda jail. Will Dev Gill frees the international terrorist from the jail? How do Srinu save his love interest Prema and his father Nazar from Dev Gill forms the rest of the story.


Unlike his father, who does angry man roles Aadi opted to portray lover boy role and he has done it in a convincing and appreciable manner. Aadi has proved his mettle in every department say it through fights, dance or dialogue delivery.

Debutant Isha Chawla is pretty and cute and is a good performer as well.

Nazar is good as usual in regular role, Dev Gill is fine in the limited negative lead, Shafi makes an impact with a lengthy role. Sindhu Tulani is acceptable. Brahmanandam and Ali evoke some laughter. Others Naga Babu, Jaya Sudha, Geeta Singh were adequate but, the director failed to utilize the talent of all the artists to full extent.

Technical Aspects:

The downfall of director Vijay Bhaskar continues yet with the routine storyline of Prema Kavali. Vijay Bhaskar tried to play a safe game by sticking to a regular love story formula. Screenplay moves on predictable note and editing could have been a bit better.

Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is first-rate. The locales especially in the songs are quite pleasing. Action sequences in the film are good. Music by Anoop Rubens is descent and the back-ground score is satisfactory. The production values are appreciable.


Prema Kavali is a routine love story with two new debutants. The movie goes on a predictable note, which is a big letdown. However, the debutants has scored well with their performances especially Aadi. Though, the film lacks uniqueness in its narration, the technical and production values are admirable and rich.

Final Word

A Regular Routine Love Story.