Parama Veera Chakra Movie Review

Posted : January 12, 2011 at 2:48 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Title :Parama Veera Chakra
Banner: Teja Cinema
Producer: C Kalyan
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction : Dasari Narayana Rao
Cinematography: Ramana Raju
Editor: Goutham Raju
Music: Mani Sarma

Cast : Nandamuri Bala Krishna, Amisha Patel, Sheela, Neha Dhupia, Jaya Sudha, Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghu Babu, Murali Mohan, Vijay Kumar, Hema, Vijay Chander.


Rating: 2.5/5

Nandamuri Bala Krishna who has roared high with Simha last year is back to big screens, but has teamed up with veteran director Dasari Narayana Rao this time with Parama Veera Chakra. Being Dasari’s 150th film and first combinational film of the duo, Parama Veera Chakra has come up with great hype and expectations. Well, here is the movie review of Parama Veera Chakra for you.

Story –

Dhadhaji(Nagineedu) an Ex Defense Minister being taken into the custody by terrorists and demands to release a hardcore terrorist Afjal Ghani who was sentenced to death by the Indian government. A sincere army officer, Major Jaya Simha(Bala Krishna) who caught Afjal disagrees with his seniors to release Afjal and request for a 48Hours time and save Dhadhaji successfully from the terrorists. Major Jaya Simha realizes a conspiracy by the minister, terrorist and one of the army officers, when he was questioned by the seniors in the Army court about the Afjal’s escape while he was being shifted between places, as only Major Jaya Simha is aware of the shifting. Major Jaya Simha is being taken into the custody by army, Rajani(Amisha Patel) wife of Major Jaya Simha meets a Senior Army Officer Jitendra(Murali Mohan) to inform about conspiracy, Mean while a jail official make a way for Major Jaya Simha to escape and save his family who were threatened by Afjal. Major Jaya Simha on his way comes to know of terrorists attack on a school, despite of his family in danger he goes to save the children in the school and injured severely in a bomb blast, by the time he reaches home every one were killed by Afjal except for Rajini who went to meet Jitendra, Jaya Simha with his injuries falls into coma. Jitendra arranges a treatment to Jaya Simha in secret place as he is escaping from the army custody. Jitendra meets Chakradhar(Bala Krishna Dual Role) a popular film star and make him visit Major Jaya Simha who was in coma as both of them look similar… rest, you got watch on the silver screen.

Artist Performance

Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is terrific as Jaya Simha, Balayya came up with a thundering performance again. He had a few very good dialogues in this film. He did a short yet good Mythological character of Ravana Brahma in this film. He is simply stunning in his Ravana Brahma attire and reminds us of NTR in those scenes. After a tremendous success of SIMHA last year, accepting this kind of film is a let down.

Others: Sheela were given a mediocre role and doesn’t have much importance with main story, Amisha did a fine job as wife of Bala Krishna with a very short screen presence, Neha did the role of a terrorist and she suited that. Murali Mohan was given an important role which he did with ease. Nagineedu who impressed with his performance in Maryada Ramanna doesn’t have much scope perform. Brahmanandam, Ali, Hema succeeded in their small comedy roles. Jaya Sudha, Kota, Vijay Kumar, Vijay Chander, Rama Prabha were ok.

Technical Departments

Story-Screenplay- Dialogues-Direction:

The basic story is very old and it is not developed in a convincing way. Screenplay is not up to the mark in the first half. However, it is comparatively better in second half. there is a considerable applause by the viewers for few dialogues. Direction by Dasari is archaic. Narration is pretty slow. A senior director like Dasari should not take audience for granted and he should realize that he is making a movie in 2011 but not in 1980’s, better he should asleep and maintain the respect he has out of his 100+ movies instead of making humiliating movies and driving downn the stardom of stars.

Others: Listeners were not be pleased with the songs of this film in the pre-release scenario, Background score has the same result in the theatre too. Cinematography was a drawback for the movie, entire movie was like viewing a movie way back in 80’s & early 90’s.


First half of the film lacks any story element and is slow, Second half except for few Dialogues and Balayya, should not expect much. Watching this film gives you a feeling like you are watching a typical commercial film of early 1980’s. Times are changing and the technology is advancing. New treatment is coming in terms of direction. But this film is badly effected by the unimaginative direction(Dasari), bland dialogues and cliche story and uninspiring music(Mani Sharma). Over all, this film is not satisfactory. Only saving grace of this film is the massive mass image of Balayya that drive the masses in B and C centers because of a few good mass dialogues.

Final Verdict

Parama Veera Chakra, which has come up with huge expectations disappoints the audience with weak direction. Bala Krishna’s performance is the only saving grace of the film. However, with many biggies lined up for Pongal race, Parama Veera Chakra is hard to survive at the Box-Office.