Paisa Vasool Movie Review

Posted : September 1, 2017 at 3:56 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Paisa Vasool
Cast: Balakrishna, Shriya, Musskan Sethi, Kyra Dutt, Vikramjit
Directed by: Puri Jagannadh
Produced by: V. Anand Prasad
Music by: Anup Rubens
Release Date: 2017-09-01
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Theda Singh (Nandamuri Balakrishna) comes to Hyderabad and picks up a lawyer’s house (Prudhvi) for his stay. Staying right opposite to the house is a girl called Harika (Muskaan) along with her mother. Her sister who goes to Portugal goes missing.

On the other hand, a RAW team is on the look out for someone who can take on and kill the mafia don (Vikramjeet). They find Theda Singh appropriate for their mission and he agrees to help them.

But the mafia don and his politician friend suspect that Theda Singh is not the simple guy he claims to be and believe he has a flashback. What is that? Who is he really?


Balakrishna’s character is targeted at masses, but he has been presented in a stylish way. Puri Jagan is known for giving stylish makeover to his heroes. Balakrishna looks extremely handsome in those stylish outfits. His body language and performance are different from his usual style. His energy in dances and entertaining dialogues will please fans.

All the female leads have limited roles. Shriya Saran shares nice chemistry with Balakrishna and their pair is good to watch. Musskan can’t act and Kyra Dutt lacks native appeal. Vikramjith character is poorly written. Ali’s comedy doesn’t click. Prudhvi tries his best to make an impact but in vain. Kabir Bedi is wasted.

Technical Performances

Puri Jagannadh didn’t have proper script on hands. It is just another version of Pokiri story and the director is in pretty bad form that he couldn’t create any magical moments. Even his dialogues lacked the punch and vigor. It is a typical Puri Jagannadh film with foreign locales, fast cuts, glamorous heroines, energetic hero and lots of action episodes. Puri has surely run out of story ideas that he is making the same movie again and again with different actors.

Music by Anup Rubens is okey-dokey. A couple of songs are good, but the background score is bizarre. Cinematography is slick. Editing is flashy. Production values are grand.

Final Say

When the producers of Paisa Vasool announced that Puri Jagannadh is going to direct Nandamuri Bala Krishna, there is a lot of positivity and buzz has generated. Teaser and trailer lived up to that expectations and this combo has raised eyebrows. When we go into the movie entire first half has nothing much in terms of story but it is driven by Nandamuri Balakrishna’s attitude and his mannerisms. His energy and his dialogues made audience entertained throughout this half. Interval block comes as a surprise as every Puri Jagannadh movie has. Second half goes into flashback mode and it has some interesting elements like in every Puri Jagan’s movie. This movie has nothing in the style of Bala Krishna but it has everything in the style of Puri Jagannadh and it is a treat to watch Bala Krishna in a new avatar. Puri Jagannadh has done superb job as a director and this movie is a better film from him after Temper. To sum up, Paisa Vasool is a film of Puri Jagannadh for Nandamuri Bala Krishna fans which is entertaining in the own way of Puri Jagannadh.

Plus Points


A couple of songs

Minus Points



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