Money Money More Money Review -1.75/5

Posted : August 26, 2011 at 12:54 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Rating: 1.75/5
Starring: J D Chakravarthy , Bramanandam, Gajala, Shashank , Tara Alisha , Asha Saini
Director: J D Chakravarthy
Producer: Raghunath
Banner: Chekravarthy Productions
Music: Chakri



Chakri (Chakravarthy), Abbas (Mukul Dev), Raghu (Brahmaji) and Goga are four friends who don’t have jobs or any financial background. However, they hope to settle big in life and for this, they plan to kidnap rich girl to make quick bucks. Accordingly, they kidnap Maggie (Tara Alisha), a multi millionaire’s (Naga Babu) daughter. The gang keeps Maggie in Khan Dada’s (Brahmanandam) house, who was once a real estate business man but looses money later and is in turn chased by money lenders. In this regard few more characters gets into the house in the form of Sales girl Trisha (Gajala), Police Constable (Rajiv Kanakala), money lender Tirumala shetty (Jeeva) etc and gets struck in the house. Chakri and his gang demands Rs 1 crore from Maggie’s father to let her free. But as the story moves, Chakri falls in love with Maggie while Raghu loves Trisha. Later, the members in the house gets separated into teams due to few differences and what happened later on to these four friends is the crux of the film.


JD Chakravarthy has come up with his natural performance and he reprises the similar role of his in the first part Money. Brahmanandam has more screen-time in the movie as the plot revolves around his role and he is good at places. Brahmaji is apt and his expressions are natural, Ramaprabha is hilarious, Mukul Dev and Kavin Dev are up to the mark, Tara Alish is hot; Gajala is good while Mayuri is alright. Other cast Rajeev Kanakala, Venu Madhav, Naga Babu, Jeeva, Ping Pong, Shashank, Chalapathi Rao, Chandramohan, Duvvasi Mohan did their bit as required.

Technical Analysis:

JD Chakravarthy has come up with a simple plotline that moves on predictable lines. The script was spineless and the screenplay was mediocre. Though the film generates few laughs, the biggest negative point is monotony of scenes that makes you bored. Chakri’s music is okay while the cinematography by Bharani is good. Editing is slick but the dialogues are weak. Production values are as per script requirement.


JD Chakravarthy tried to play safe by involving innumerable characters to add high humor quotient to the movie. JD has tried to create confusion comedy, which totally misfired by loosing the grip on the plot. Money, Money and More Money seems to be penned keeping Brahmanandam in mind. While the first half of the movie seems to be silly and loud at times, the second half goes on a predictable note, while climax brings on few laughs. However, Money, Money More Money is nowhere [content or style] related to the prequels.

Final Verdict:

Money, Money More Money will end up collecting less Money at the Box-Office.