KTR’s Tweet-attack on Rahul, Jokes Included!

Posted : June 1, 2017 at 10:39 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

At Sanga Reddy meeting, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi explicitly took a swipe at ruling TRS party, KCR and his family members. Minutes later, Telangana IT minister KT Rama Rao countered him through a series of tweets.

To boost the rank and file of Telangana Congress, Rahul Gandhi has launched the serious attack against both state government-TRS and central government -BJP. Blaming TRS for destressed state of youth and students, Gandhi said- ‘leave a job per home, this government could not even provide a single job for each town. But, one family in state has got four jobs (reference to KCR and family).’

Only when we (Congress) form government in the state and center, we can see significant progress in manufacturing sector and you all will see ‘Made in Telangana’ written behind your mobiles. Rahul also targeted KCR-led government over various issues, including the corruption, loan waiver scheme, farmer deaths and lavish camp office-cum-residence that was built recently.

As soon as Rahul finished his speech in Sanga Reddy, IT minister KTR took to Twitter and responded in his own style. Brushing aside the allegations made by Rahul, the state leader asked him to get the facts right before blaming the government. He tweeted that five companies are already manufacturing mobiles out of Telangana and downplayed the accusations made by Rahul. He further added that ‘Scamgress leaders talking about corruption has to be the bigger joke.

Below are the string of tweets made by KTR to counter-attack the Vice President of Congress party:

‘Some so called ‘national leaders’ of ‘national’ parties who can’t even win an election in their own backyard, make tall claims elsewhere’

‘Indian National Congress leadership talking of ‘family rule’ has to be the joke of the millennium. Classic comedy’

‘Pre-scripted speeches written by bunch of discredited local leaders can at best make your party look silly. Get your facts right Rahul Ji’

‘There are already 5 mobile companies manufacturing out of Telangana. If you need a ‘Made in Telangana’ mobile, go around & know your facts’

‘I stand corrected on the joke of the millennium. Scamgress leaders talking about corruption has to be the bigger joke’

‘Scamgress believes in democracy’!! Really? Aren’t you the same party that is credited with imposing one & only Emergency in the country?’