KSD Appalraju – Movie Review

Posted : February 18, 2011 at 2:53 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Film: KSD Appalraju
Starring: Sunil, Swathi, Bramanandam,Sakshi Gulati
Director: Ram Gopal Verma
Producer: Kiran Kumar Koneru
Banner: Shreya Productions

Music: Koti,Sunil Kashyap
Rating: 2/5
After a long gap of 12 years, Ram Gopal Varma has made the straight Telugu film Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalraju with Sunil in the title role. KSD Appalraju has created much hype in media circles for its released promos and brochure. Did Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalraju live up to the expectations? Is KSD Appalraju worth the hype? Take a look
Appalraju (Sunil) hails from Amalapuram and is a devoted movie lover. He spends his most of the time in watching films in Rambha theatre in Amalapuram for which, his father (Chalapati Rao) scolds him. Appalraju decides to leave to Hyderabad and hopes to comeback to Amalapuram only after he becomes a big director in Tollywood. He goes to his friend Subbadu (Rajesh) in Hyderabad who also leaves Amalapuram for becoming a hero, but in vain. Appalraju however get in touch with Raakhi(Raghubabu) a producer. Raakhi reads Appalraju’s script Nayaki and says he would help him. Appalraju decides to cast Kanishka (Sakshi) and manages to get her call-sheets. However, a corporate firm manager, who have to provide finance for the film says they will finalize the film, only if the film has a big hero like Babu (Adarsh). When everything is set for his movie to take off, the hero and heroine of the film Babu and Kanishka who are in love initially breaks up. What hurdles Appalraju face? Will Appalraju’s movie starts rolling forms the rest of the story.
Sunil, who played the title role of the film, gave his committed performance and has done justification to his role. He once again proved that he is a good dancer as well with a couple of numbers. However, Appalraju’s character is not an apt one to Sunil
Swathi gave a mediocre performance in her limited role, but it is high time to change her regular and routine expressions as it is irritating at times.
Sakshi Gulati is hot and she has chances to grow in as a glam heroine. Raghu Babu was apt, Bramhanandam and Venu Madhav are the saving graces, Adarsh was ok, Ajay was good, Tanikella Bharani, M S Narayana were adequate. RGV hasn’t given much scope for performance to any of the roles.
Technical Aspects
Though KSD Appalraju storyline is interesting, Varma totally failed in its Katha (story), Screenplay and Darsakatvam (Direction). The movie takes off on an exciting note, but has lost its grip, making it uninteresting in no time with a stale story and poor screenplay. Cinematography is ordinary, Dialogues are not interesting. Editing is not impressive. Background score by Koti was just alright and only the first couple of songs are good to watch out for. Production values are poor.
KSD Appalraju, though starts on an exciting note, looses its tempo in no time due to its weak story, bad screenplay and horrible climax. RGV fails to manage audiences in connecting to the film. Unnecessary characters and their scenes make us irritate at times. While First-half of the film ends on an unexciting note, the second-half totally tests our patience and when it comes to climax part, you totally loose your patience and run away from theaters.
Final Word
A Painful Watch !!!