Face-to-Face: Allari Naresh says, ‘Content Speaks’

Posted : November 5, 2014 at 6:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


In an exclusive face-to-face with Allari Naresh, who is eagerly waiting for the release of his latest flick ‘Brother Of Bommali’ on this Friday.


Why Allari Naresh slowed down a little these days post Sudigadu. We’re not seeing his movies often at theatres…

“Bigger stars like Amitabh Bachhan too slowed down with series of flops. Only if we get both flops and hits, then we can understand what is to be done. Films like Action 3D, Laddubabu are done with good intention but misfired due to alternate expectations of audiences”, said Naresh, stressing that he is learning a lot from the post-mortem of his flopped flicks.

Known as producers’ hero, you generally bail out producers much before release. How is budget and business of ‘Brother of Bommali’?

“With almost 11 months into production due to various factors including my Baabai’s death and other date issues, Brother Of Bommali costs us little high. But I’m pretty sure about the result, which has now pushed me to own Nizam rights myself”

Seems like, Naresh isn’t showing any starry tantrums, both on-screen and off-screen?

“I don’t take success to head, and also a failure. When my father scored 22 hits in a row, there are trail of cars parked in our street. And before Chala Bagundi, there isn’t one. So I know what

How come you keep off from controversies? Or do you plan that they won’t come out?

“I’m not into any controversy for that fact. If I’m into, why wouldn’t they come out? Moreover I spend time with other comedians and directors on set, and not with other co-stars. So I think there is no controversy”

Is there some sweet-heart in your heart, as you’re prolonging your marriage?

“If there is someone in my heart and mind, I wouldn’t waste a second to tell to mom and brother. I’ve not loved any girl till date, if there is any I’ll let my mom know immediately. Also if I marry someone now, would I really get time to spend moments with her?”

What are you in real life? Brother of Bommali? Or Bommali?

I’m completely reserved off the screen. People who bump into me at airports and railway stations generally get shocked with my reserved behavior. But I’m that way.

Why are you not working with big-league directors?

It’s all about budget. Being a 12 Crore range hero, first I need to sustain this rather running for big league directors. Though I’m eager to work with Rajamouli, Puri Jagan and Srinu Vytla, budget restrictions pull me back all the time.

There is huge hue and cry about small films not able to bag theatres. What do you feel?

“If a movie gets good talk, theatres will get in, A bad film won’t run if it is pushed hard into theatres and good film won’t be denied theaters from second week. Karthikeya and Uyyala Jampala are good examples. So there is no question of theatre insufficiency or unavailability. Only content will speak”