Exclusive Interview With Harish Rao

Posted : March 26, 2014 at 9:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


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My Mother Laughed At Her Abuses, Says Nagababu

Posted : April 18, 2018 at 1:40 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

“Mega family is so powerful that we can bear any accusations or abuses being made by unethical persons. But don’t take our silence as our inefficiency. If you test patience, then you may face sequences” warned Nagababu today, indirectly hitting out words at actress Sri Reddy and critic Mahesh Kathi who are bringing Mega family and Pawan Kalyan into every single discussion.

So what is the reaction of the Mega family on the cuss words said by Sri Reddy? “Can anyone of you from media tolerate that cuss word said to her? Can you do that? But our mega family could that. We could tolerate because we’re powerful people” stressed Nagababu, confirming that he discussed the whole fiasco with his mother as well.

“I asked my mother about her reaction and she just laughed off. Today before coming to my press meet, I took my mother’s permission to speak about this. She told me to not blame that lady back and asked me to ignore her comments. I don’t want any more discussions on this, it’s better if TV channels also end the debate” he said.

“As they can’t face us strongly in the limelight, these people are trying to assassinate the character of Pawan Kalyan. If my brother does a mistake, he will stand in public and agree to it. Can you do the same?” he asked, confirming that he didn’t meet Pawan in last six months and the Janasena president might scold him for this press meet.

Does that mean no one should condemn or question Pawan Kalyan? “You can criticize Pawn Kalyan, but that should be limited to his political agenda and if any mistake he does. How come you invade into his private and personal space to make cheap allegations? Very soon, he will teach you a lesson” Nagababu says, adding that he’s neither Janasena member nor into any political thing.

Also, Nagababu conveyed his gratitude for actresses like Madhavi Latha and others who have come in support of Pawan Kalyan and Mega family when it comes to facing these abusing words.

“To raise your TRPs, you have our programs like Jabardasth, discuss them. But don’t talk about individual lives and insult industry” he concluded.