Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu Movie Review -3/5

Posted : December 14, 2012 at 1:48 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Rating: 3/5
Release Date: Dec 14, 2012
Star-Cast: Nani, Samantha, Anupama Kumar, Ravi.
Director: Gautham Menon
Music Director: illayaraja
Producer: Gautham Menon, Reshma Gatala, Venkat Somasundaram, C. Kalyan, C. V. Rao



Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu is the story of Varun and Nitya who were close to each other since their childhood. The strong bond between them grew as the grow older. Finally, when they get closer, Varun gets strangled in the family responsibilities and had to move away from Nitya. Ego, ignornace creeps in between them and finally they part ways. And the rest of the story is how they realize they can not live with out each other and finally unite.

How they performed?

The role of Varun is a cake walk character for Nani. He plays the role of a simple boy who struggles in life unable to choose between Love, Parents and Career. He manages to come up with a subtle performance as demanded by the character. Samantha plays the role of Nitya, a Psychology student who later dedicates to help Tsunami affected people. Her role was very much similar to that of Jessie in Yem Maaya Chesave. She looked beautiful and serene. She had shown enough maturity in portraying a role of confused girl.

Krishnudu gets a similar role of Hero’s friend in this movie too and managed few laughs from the audience. Rest of the characters are as required.

Technical Performance:

Post the success of Yem Maaya Chesave, much is expected from Gautam Menon’s movies but the director does not seem to have come out of that frenzy. The look and mood of Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu is almost similar to that of Yem Maya Chesave. Audience can correlate few of the characters in both the movies too. He had chosen a youthful subject to connect with the current generation but failed to make most of it with uneven narration. The screen play seem to be boring and the songs appear to come very quickly at odd times disturbing the flow of the movie.

The music rendered by Ilayaraja is awesome as always and blended properly in to the movie. There were some beautiful moments in which the rerecording had enhanced the mood of the scene. Cinematography by MS Prabhu is good with some excellent locations. Editing is below par.

Final Say:

The entire movie goes on at snail pace testing the patience of the audience.  The expectations on the movie are on a rage and people are expecting another Yem Maya Chesave from Gautam Menon. But magic can not created always. The movie does not have any real entertainment to bind audience in to their seats. I would not call it a bad movie but certainly not up to the mark. You can watch it if you have nothing to do this weekend! 

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