Endukante Premanta Movie Review -2.5/5

Posted : June 8, 2012 at 2:08 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Rating: 2.5/5
Movie : Endukante Premanta
Starring: Ram,Tamanna
Director: Karunakaran
Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Music: G.V.Prakash
Release Date: 8th Jun 2012

Director Karunakaran’s much awaited romantic love story Endukante Premanta has finally hit the screens to day. The movie was being considered as the next big thing amongst love stories in the industry. The cast and crew comprise of Ram and Tamanna in the lead. The movie has been directed by Karunakaran and has been produced by Shravanthi Ravikishore under the Shravanthi movies banner. The music has been composed by G.V.Prakash. The review of this much awaited movie is as follows.



The movie shows the coming together of two young individuals Ram (Ram) and Shravanthi (Tamanna) in Paris. Fate brings them together and they extend the hand of friendship towards each other. They then end up having the same goal of reaching India which is not possible unless and until they have their passports and money. Shravanthi somehow manages to make Ram’s dream come true. Ram reaches India followed by Shravanthi in a short while. As time passes by ram Realizes that Shravanthi has not opened her heart out to him. Is she hiding a dark secret from him? Does Ram manage to uncover her secret? Will this land them into trouble?


The main lead Ram justified his title of an Energetic star. The actor indeed gave an energetic performance. He paid special attention to his dance moves there by making sure he keeps up the public’s interest in watching his performance.

Tamanna on the other hand also performed well. She undoubtedly was looking very beautiful. She managed to bring out the drama and tragedy that her role required.

Bramhanandam, Kona Venkat, Anu Hassan, Sayaji Shinde and Krishna Bhagwan did well enough to be a part of the story. None of them were spectacular. The negative character played by Rishi was good enough.

The Technical team:

The cinematography by Andrew was the major asset this movie had. It was indeed spellbinding. The editing team needed to do a lot more work. The editing was very poor. The screenplay was also one of the major weak points of this movie. G.V.Prakash’s music which was expected to be a heart rendering performance , keeping in mind the love story was a sheer let down.

Director’s cut:

This movie was a huge shock coming from the camp of a talented director, Karunakaran. The director who is so well known amongst the industry for his beautiful take on romance seems to have lost his way. He seemed to be groping in the dark to make this movie seem like a love story. Where he had promised the audience that Endukante Premanta will be a soft romantic love story, the movie seems to be missing its major theme ROMANCE. The movie was nothing but a muddle of puzzles revolving in and around the lives of the lead pair. It was indeed a very disappointing story with an equally disappointing direction.

Positive Aspects:

The good looking lead pair and the Andrew’s cinematography were the only assets that this movie can lay a claim on. They seem to be the saving grace.

Negative Aspects:

Right from the direction to every other technical aspect this movie seems to be at fault. The main essence of the movie LOVE between the lead pair was missing. The director failed to bring out the required chemistry in the lead pair.

Final Say:

The movie does not have any thing in it to watch for. It cannot offer anything even to the young couples who would like to connect themselves to this so called love story. The movie can easily be given a miss unless and until some id dying to see the good looking Lead pair, and forget all the flaws of the movie.