Drishyam Movie Review – 3.5/5

Posted : July 10, 2014 at 4:14 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Cast: Venkatesh, Meena, Nadhiya, Naresh, Ravi Kale, Chalapathi Rao, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, Sameer, Roshan Basheer, Sapthagiri, Baby Esther, Kritika etc


Rating : 3.5/5

Story, Screenplay: Jeethu Joseph

Dialogues: Darling Swamy
Direction: Sripriya
Music: Sharath
Camera: S Gopal Reddy
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Date: 09-07-2014
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Drishyam Movie Review

Movie Story

Rambabu (Venkatesh) is a happy going middle class family man who lives with wife Jyothi (Meena) and two daughters Anju (Krithika), Anu (Baby Ester). Like any other middle class family, they have cinema, shopping and other entertainment at times. Everything goes happy, until an outsider disturbs their life. IG’s (Nadhiya) son captures bathroom video of Rambabu’s elder daughter in school’s environmental trip and demands to fulfill his desire of sleeping for one night. In an eerie situation, Meena and her daughter hit him to death unintentionally.
IG with her influence tightens investigation on her son’s missing case.
Rambabu has a habit of watching films all the day. Educationally, this 4th class passed middle class man could think beyond a graduate with this experience of watching different genre films. What tactics he plays to save the family from the mysterious murder case is rest of story.
Movie Advantages

1. Unique Story
2. Gripping screenplay in second half
3. Artists performance
4. Thrilling moments in second half
5. Convincing climax
Movie Drawbacks

1. Everything in First half
2. Camera work
3. Sripriya making standards
4. No comedy
5. Less commercial values


Drishyam, remake of Malayalam film of same title, introduced a new genre to Tollywood. It is a thriller drama incorporated of all heart touching family emotions. The magical and engaging screenplay in second half makes you to sit on edge of seats. You forget to complain on big lapses in first half because of thrilling moments offered in second half.
The very newcomer Sripriya (though she is a senior actress, she is new to direction) dealt the movie convincingly. Though uncomparable with the original, this review holds good for a direct Telugu movie.
There is a lot of maturity seen in behavior of characters and harvest of technicians in second half, a real challenge for any film maker. While we sigh hero Venkatesh and heroine Meena in first half, we travel with  Rambabu and Jyothi later. You just have to bare a poor first half to experience real thrilling drama in second half.
Efforts of Venkatesh to bluff the police moves us to tears. Emotions go out of control for spectators in several sequences. Examples are like:
1. Police questioning Venkatesh’s younger daughter
2. Venky training his family
3. Climax
Constable played by Ravi Kale looked demoniac. Nadhiya was good and Naresh has shown the needed maturity. Other artists are okay. Climax is crucial in these kinds of films and you will indulge with right justification.
Drishyam is not just limited for a particular category of audience, it provides thrill for everyone. Observes can be thrilled experiencing Rambabu’s tragic journey. Overall, Drishyam is a sure shot winner in Metro, A, B centers and the film’s destiny depends on how C and other mass classes receive it.
Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): Picture (Drishyam) Partially Perfect