Disturbing numbers of Smoking Demon

Posted : November 22, 2014 at 12:34 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Governments across the world and even various NGOs work hard to persuade smokers to quit smoking and they carryout scary warnings highlighting the ill affects and health hazards of smoking demon.


Every year, third Thursday of November is observed as Great American Smoketout by the American Cancer Society which is out to make people to kick smoking atleast for one day. However 16 disturbing numbers deject even the die hard optimists. Though 18% of Americans who claim they smoke shows dramatic drop and use of electronic cigarettes is on rise, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates show that 8 million people will die annually due to smoking by 2030.

Following Sixteen figures scare everyone..

480,000- No of deaths in US due to second hand smoking and cigarette smoking every year

127,700-Tobacco related deaths due to lung cancer

87%-lung cancer deaths due to smoking

1 in 3-cancer deaths due to smoking

42,000,000-Americans smoke cigarettes

13,400,000-Americans smoke cigars

2,300,000-Americans smoke tobacco in pipes

10-no of years more a non smoker lives than a smoker

1000-no of cigarettes consumed per person per year in US

$96,000,000,000- tobacco related health care costs from 2000-04 in US

15 years-smoker’s risk of coronary heart disease to drop back to that of non smoker’s

25% -low income New York smokers spend on cigarettes in 2012 according to survey

$8,400,000,000-spent by tobacco industry on promotions and advertising in 2011

69-of the more than 7,000 chemicals and compounds in tobacco smoke have been found to cause cancer.

293,000,000,000-no of cigarettes purchased in 2011 in US

3200- teens and under 18 children smoke their first cigarette everyday in US.