Damarukam Movie Review – 3/5

Posted : November 23, 2012 at 11:19 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Rating: 3.0/5.0
Cast: Nagarjuna, Anushka,Prakash Raj, Ravi Shakar, Ganesh Venkatraman, Jeeva, Devan, Brahmanandam, Raghubabu, M.S.Narayana, Krishna Bhagwan and others
Lyrics: Jonnavithula, Bhaskarabatla,Chandrabose,Sahithi,Ramajogayya sastry
Story: Veligonda Srinivas
Art: Ashok
Editing: Gowtham Raju
Cinematography: Chota .K.Naidu
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Dr. Venkat
Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction:Srinivas Reddy
CBFC Rating: U/A
Release Date: 23-11-2012

Story: Dhamarukam is a Socio-fantasy flick. Mallikarjuna(Nagarjuna) is a driver and he hates Lord shiva, as he thinks that he has taken the lives of his parents. Maheshwari (Anushka ) is born with the blessings of goddess parvathi. She is a doctor by profession. Andhakasura(Ravi Shankar) wants to marry her to get control over the panchabhutas (earth, sky, Air, fire and water). Mallikarjuna and Mahi fall in love. How Mallikarjuna saves her from the baddie is what the movie is about?


Performances: Nagarjuna is okay. He has done some comedy in the first half. Anushka is good and suited to the role. Ravi Shankar and Ganesh have done decent job. Prakash Raj suited to the role. The comedians Brahmanandam, M.S, Krishna Bhagwan and others fitted to the roles well. The story is good with some tight screenplayin some places. Cinematography is good. The art work along with the special effects is good in most of the places. Editing is okay (could have been better at some places).Music by Devi Sri Prasad is one of the highlights of the film. The Direction is old fashioned. The production values are rich.

Analysis: DHAMARUKAM got released at last after clearing all the hurdles. It has been a long time we have watched a socio-fantasy flick with a big star hero in it. Dhamarukam has a strong story line supported with good screenplay (interesting scenes), a little bit of humour and good amount of Visual effects to engage the Audience. Dhamarukam lacks some spellbinding/overwhelming scenes and the mediocre Direction failed to elevate some crucial scenes. The old fashioned direction in many places makes you feel like it’s a routine Average flick.

Nagarjuna is okay. He has less role when compared to his regular heroic flicks. He delivered decent performance. Anushka is good in the role. She too doesn’t have much to portray. She has done her job well. Ravi Shankar is good; he has come up with some good expressions in many scenes. His voice is a plus as always. Prakash raj is good even in the subtle role. The visual effects by Fire fly are good. I don’t say that they are extra ordinary (because you can find the blur in some scenes in the Digital screening when you watch in a multiplex) but have given reasonable output.

The art work is good. Especially the story board artists (graphics department) have done reasonably good job. Editing by Gowtham raju could have been even better(some unnecessary scenes appeared dragged), the length of the movie is 156 minutes. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is a big plus to the movie. The songs sounded good and the visuals are cool. The song sung by Shankar Mahadevan in the Pre-Climax definitely elevated the mood. The background score is good.

We already know that Director Srinivas Reddy’s forte is comedy. He started the comedy threads in a hilarious way as usual but could not blend them properly (in the second half especially). The entertainment in the first half is good. Director himself has written the Dialogues, he is good at comedy ones but in serious scenes they are stale. There are some Serious scenes where you burst into laughs (like “This is a medical Miracle”) which the director could have taken care of. Srinivas Reddy cannot be compared with Kodi Ramakrishna but he tried his best to visualize and make the Audience believe in the pre -climax and the climax Scenes. The last half –an- hour is good to watch (excluding some jumps/falls of Nagarjuna in the climax)

The movie may do Average business in the ‘A’ Centers but the movie surely does go strongly with the masses. There are fair chances of becoming a hit in B,C Centers.

Plus: Story, Screenplay, Music, Special effects
Minus: Some artificial scenes, old fashioned Direction

Verdict: Average movie with good amount of graphical narration