Crazy Tweets on Yami Gautham

Posted : April 4, 2014 at 1:31 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Twitter is one of the major form of social media, has become one of the such platform where people target anybody and then started cracking the jokes on them. Everyone has the freedom to putforth their ideas and that sometimes come up with hilarious jokes on any celebrity or known person.


This time, Yami Gautam has been trapped in the cage of jokes. Yami, who started her career with Chand Ke Paar Chalo on television, then she made her Bollywood debut withVicky Donor and is now the brand ambassador of Fair and Lovely has become the butt of all jokes.

Gautam, in one of her Fair&Lovely cream advertisements show that how a dusky girl lacks confidence and instantly regains her fairness after using the cream that supposedly leads to a fairer skin tone. This ad made her the target of witty and mean jokes.

Here are some of the enlisted hilarious jokes posted by some of the Twitterati that has become a reason for the actress’s popularity on the micro blogging site.

1) Yami Gautam is so fair that event organisers are planning to replace her with halogen lights.
2) Sunglasses were invented to protect your eyes from Yami Gautam.
3) During earth hour Yami Gautam was turned off to save light and electricity.
4) Everything for me is either black or Yami Gautam.
5) IPL to rename Fair Play award as Yami Gautam –Play Award.
6) Yami Gautam’s skin tone is brighter than her future.
7) Humans have 2 types of blood cells: Red blood cells and Yami Gautam blood cells!
8) Yami can’t be photographed with a white background.
9) Swiss bank has black money; other banks have Yami Gautam money.
10) Yami Gautam uses Fair & Lovely as toothpaste to whiten her teeth too.
11) Yami Gautam needs to just drop ‘tam’ from her last name and bingo! She will be Fair & Lovely (holy) as Gaul (cow).
12) There is new fairy tale in town – #YamiGautam and the seven dwarfs
13) We Indians do not discriminate on the basis of nationality,religion, caste & race esp blacks and Yami Gautam !!
14) Yami Gautam is the writer of “Fifty Shades of White.”
15) “NASA is sending Yami Gautam to the space to recharge all their solar cell panels up there.
16) When Yami Gautam went to watch Test series , test series was white washed..
17) Yami Gautam always used to loose the game of ‘Dark Room’!!
18) Yami Gautam to star in Hindi Remake of Snow White..
19) Yami Gautam is the only one echo can turn black money into white.
20) Suddenly everyone wants to dig tunnels. Apparently somebody told them that there’s Yami Gautam at the end of the tunnel.