Chandamama Kathalu Movie Review

Posted : April 25, 2014 at 3:31 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies




Chandamama Kathalu is an anthology with 8 sub-plots. To start with Kishore (Saradhi) is an award-winning writer whose daughter is diagnosed with a disease. He sits up to write a human-interest story weaved with 8 sub-stories to make some money out of it. The central roles of the sub plots include a model, a software professional, a poor village couple, two teenage college students, a beggar, young Muslim lovers, Old pair Aamani, Naresh and the one being Kishore himself. What is the common thread that connects all these sub-plots form? The film depicts as on how these sub plots are connected in the name of LOVE.

Star Performance:

The man who played the role of a beggar is the soul of the film. Although he has a very little to do in the film, the entire plot revolves around his character.

Lakshmi Manchu is seen as model Lisa. Once top model, Lisa’s career is on a downward spiral. Director tries to showcase the dark side of the glitzy field. She does a neat job and she fits the bill.

Kishore is appropriate for the role for a writer. The role lacks neither substance nor emotion.

Krishnudu who was seen as a software engineer lacks the tinge and failed to play to his potential.

Naresh  role is certainly a refreshing one portrayed by Naresh in recent times. It’s an image-makeover for Naresh who is struggling to make a good comeback. His role in Chandamama Kathalu fills this spot.

Aamani plays a widow Saritha who has children and grand children. Her role deals with old age love, romance with her ex-flame.

Chaitanya Krishna failed to live in his character.

Naga Shourya is okay in his role.

Richa Panai provided a decent performance as a Muslim girl Haseena.

Amita Rao is good in her looks but failed to elevate her character with her performance.

Shamili is fine in her limited character. Rest of the star cast played their part well.

Technical Team:

Mickey J Meyer once again strictly confined to his melody formula and have recreated the same-old kinda tunes. However, re-recording is nice.

Editing by Dharmedra Kakarla is just Ok.

Cinematography by Suresh Ragutu is great.

Production Values are fine.

Dialogues by Praveen Sattaru are routine and nothing interesting except for few dialogues.

Direction is fine and Screenplay could be better.

What Is Good : 

  • Cinematography
  • Naresh, Amani Plot
  • Beggar Plot
  • Songs
  • Conclusion Point
  • Few Performances.

What Is Not Good:

  • Confounding Screenplay
  • Slow Narration in First Half
  • Predicatable Storyline


It’s not often that you get to watch a Telugu film like Chandamama Kathalu. Regular Telugu commercial movies  like Legend, Race Gurram, this film is refreshing and certainly a unique attempt. Chandamama Kathalu is for the ones who has been complaining about the routine 6 songs, 4 or 5 fights and some comedy tracks commercial movies. This movie gives a novel, different feeling to audience who expects and different and unique subject films.

On whole, Chandamama Kathalu is one-time watch for movie lovers who expects different flicks.