Businessman Movie Review – 3/5

Posted : January 13, 2012 at 3:56 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Rating: 3/5
Film: Business Man
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj
Director: Puri Jagannaath
Producer: Venkat
Banner: R R Movie Makers
Music: S.S.Thaman


Your Review of Businessman !

The most awaited film of the year has arrived. This is the mass hysteria that seldom covers entire state. While Mahesh Babu is on the apex of stardom with the industry super hit Dookudu on one hand, Puri Jagannath is on top gaining national reputation after directing ‘Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap’. Despite his last Telugu film, Nenu Na Rakshasi’ couldn’t do well, the expectations of audience on the combination of Puri and Mahesh (reminding Pokiri) are always on high. Let us see how this film that released in maximum number of theatres entertains the audience.



Mumbai city commissioner Ajay Bharadwaj (Nasser) announces in a Pressmeet that mafia dons are wiped out from the map of Mumbai. He also states that he would break the leg if any don steps in Mumbai.

Instantly Surya (Mahesh Babu) steps in Mumbai. His friend (Brahmaji) takes him to his room in slum. Surya asks him to quit job and join him as an assistant to do his proposed crime business. He also says that he is in Mumbai to make it piss.

How he emerges as a don falls rest of the story. He uses his brain and brawn to grow big in Mumbai. He plays with system and preys on politicians to grow his business.

On parallel line he loves Chitra (Kajal), the daughter of commissioner.

Story wise, it’s simple but the narration beauty is ample and dialogues tremble the senses of audience. Rest should be watched on screen.


Mahesh Babu is all over the film. He charms with his style, scares with his intensity and strikes with his looks. His dialogue delivery is another high asset to the film.

Kajal Agarwal does her bit as required. She provides glamour where required and sheds tears when wanted. As such, her characterisation is not that strong but she provides some visual relief.

Prakash Raj was not used to his potential. In fact, his arrival comes rather late in the film and before he can pick up he is packed up. But those little moments he was there he made his presence felt.

Nasser was natural. His scenes with Mahesh Babu were effective and both shared a good chemistry. It is inspiring to see Nasser maintaining strong biceps even at this age.

Sayaji Shinde was standard. Brahmaji was usual. Dharmavarapu was contained. The girl doing the role of Kajal’s friend was funny. Shweta Bharadwaj sizzled in her item song. The others didn’t have much scope.

Finally Subba Raju made his presence but the scope and span of his character is limited.

Last but not least Puri Jagannadh appears as a taxi driver in a scene.


Mahesh Babu


Routine Story
Overdose of preaching
Lack of villain
Climax fight


In one line, the story is about the emergence of a don by a common man. However, there is a fine line between narrating a story with conviction and clubbing it with cinematic liberties.

The liberties taken were too high and this led to an artificial feel among the audience. Films like ‘Nayakudu’ ‘Dhalapathi’ ‘Saamrajyam’ were classier in portraying such tales. Secondly, Mahesh is seen giving few lines on how one should be selfish.

Well, the audience may like what he is speaking because it is the hard truth but acceptance levels will differ. Moreover, for someone like Mahesh and his charisma, such lines are quite conflicting to his image. The entire film runs purely on two things- Mahesh Babu’s performance and Puri’s dialogue power.

Here are few quotes from Puri’s pen which are the highlight of his career:

Dabbu shaaswatham kaadu, manushule shaashwatham antoo untaaru. Kaanee manushulu chachchipothunnaaru, dabbu maathram chaavatledu.
Discovery channel lo puli jinkani veta aadatam chusthoo jinka bathakaalani prardhana chestaam. Jinka tappinchukogaane TV kattesi manam maatram velli kodini kosi biryani vanduku thinesthaam. Manaki jinka meeda prema kaadu. Puli meeda kopam. Daanini emi peekaleka adi odipote choodaalanukuntaam.
Manushulu chepalni udakapetti, vepi rakarakaalugaa thinesthaaru. Ade oka shark chepa manishini korikite prapamchamlo anni news channels lonu choopistaaru. Em manushulavenaa praanaalu, chepalavi kaada?
Nenu elago alaa bathikeyadaaniki raaledu. Mumbai ni uchcha poyinchadaaniki vachchaanu.
Chuttu round up chesi confuse cheyoddu. Confusion lo ekkuva kottesthaanu.

Coming to the songs, Saar osthaara…was well canned and Kajal looked her sultry best, same with Chao Pilla.

The other song ‘Chandamama….’ is well canned wherein the much talked about lip kiss between Mahesh and Kajal is seen. That was shot aesthetically. As for the item song featuring Shweta Bharadwaj, it was disappointing to see many areas getting blurred due to censor objections. The other songs were alright.

Overall, this is a film that will strike a strong chord with fans of Mahesh Babu and to those who love to hear some punch packed dialogues. But apart from that, the film takes a hiccup on lack of entertainment quotient, comedy, strong characterization of villain.

Despite profanity, the charisma of Mahesh Babu pulls female crowds to theaters. The film deserves good commendation for not making in the typical hero-villain-comedian concept. It’s a big risk but the director attempted it so efficiently. Entire film was shouldered only on Mahesh Babu and finally the output is not boring but hooking.

Nothing haunts other than Mahesh Babu’s dialogues from the film after coming out from theater.

Bottomline: Watch it for Mahesh and dialogues!!

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