Brothers Movie Review – 3/5

Posted : October 12, 2012 at 6:52 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Rating: 3/5
Cast and Crew : Suriya, Kajal Agarwal, Sachin and others
Music: Harris Jairaj
Cinematography: Sounder Rajan
Producers: Gnanvel Raja and Bellamkonda Suresh
Story-Screenplay-Direction: KV Anand

The protagonists of the movie are two conjoined twins, Akhil and Vimal and they are after the formula of lactose supplement which supposedly contains molecules which might harm children who are fed with it. And that antagonist is the protagonist’s father is a new twist here though there are enough (forced in…!) justifications given in the end for the punishment to be meted out by the son.
Cast Performance:
Suriya is brilliant in the conjoint twin portions. The body language that are so contrasting in accordance to the difference in the shades of the two characters is astounding. Though Akhil has a change over in his style similar to Vimal after the separation , the body language of Akhil is so stark that one sees only Akilan though he looks like Vimalan. Even physically they look different with Akilan well built & brawny while Vimalan averagely built with a tummy.
Others in the cast have done their parts well. Sachin Kedhekar is brilliant as the antagonist while Kajal Agarwal does her bit in a role without much scope. Good to see Tara after a long time on screen. The foreign actors have done a neat job unlike in “Thandavam”.
First half moves at a very brisk pace which includes characters introduction, love angle (not that interesting or novel) , & preparations for the story to move forward. Towards the intermission unexpected twist results in a completely different second half which involves Hero & heroine going after the mystery behind the dreaded formula. Second goes on endlessly does tests one’s patience towards the end. What could have been a crisp ending is stretched unnecessarily. Last 10 minutes of the movie is needless & should have finished it with the antagonist getting nabbed by the police. Needless to say, KV Anand had come up with a good subject but faltered miserably in rendering good screenplay.
Other departments:
Harris Jayarj’s songs are already a huge hit. All the 5 songs are good with good visuals. His background score is average as usual. Soundarrajan’s visuals are brilliant. The technical team including the CG & performance capture team have done a stupendous job in presenting the first half without any observable glitches. No where it is apparent that it is actually a single person who has done both the characters. So nicely done. But Anthony’s editing could have been a bit better in the second half.
Final Say:
The movie may go well with some viewers in A centers. But the movie will not work in B and C centers because of the excessive length and the lack of entertainment in the second half. Overall, this is a film that is ok, but could have been much better if a little care was taken.