Avunu Movie Review – 3/5

Posted : September 21, 2012 at 2:09 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Rating: 3.0/5.0
Banner: Flying Frogs
Presented by: Suresh Productions and PVP
Cast: Poorna, Harshavardhan Rane, Chalapathi Rao, Delhi Rajeswari, Ravi Babu, Jeeva, Sharath, Sudha
Screenplay: Satyanand
Dialogues: Nivas
Art: Narayana Reddy
Editing: Marthand KVenkatesh
Cinematography: N Sudhakar Reddy
Music: Shekar Chandra
Written-Produced & Directed by: Ravi babu
CBFC Rating: ‘U/A’
Release Date: 21-09-2012

Story: Mohini(Poorna) and Harsha(Harshavardhan) get married and they shift to a villa in the outskirts of Hyderabad near gandipet. Harsha’s parents (chalapathi Rao, Rajeswari) come over there to spend few days with them. Strange things start happening in the house after they leave. What are they? And to what consequences they lead to?


Performances: Poorna is fantastic. She performed well in all the scenes. Harsha(Thakita Thakita Fame) is okay as lovable husband. Chalapathi Rao and rajeswari too done decent job. Ravi babu and Jeeva made brief appearances. Art work is good. Cinematography is neat. The Music elevated the scenes well. The Screenplay is good. The Direction is good in few scenes. The movie is made on a shoe-string Budget.

Analysis: Ravi babu is one Director who always experiments with new concepts and themes. He is one Director who doesn’t follow regular format. He takes complete care about his project right from the design, look, taking and Publicity (he has come up with the typical Elephant poster). Ravi always chooses a color pattern for his film, this time he has gone with White color with light sea green and light Grey border. The color grading is good and it gave the complete movie a single tone.

The best part of the film is performance by Poorna. Poorna( who is known to Telugu Audience through Sri Mahalakshmi(Srihari) and Seematapakai(Allari Naresh)) has done very good job. She has put on some weight but suited to the role of a typical newly married house wife. The remaining actors suited to the role and have delivered decent performance. The kid and his grand father (Sharath) thread was dealt well.

This movie is not a horror flick, it’s a simple suspense thriller set within a small family, and there are a couple of scary moments. In the second half there is a bit drag for about 5-10 minutes (where Harsha searches for Poorna- – – calling Mohini…. Mohini…). The abrupt ending also raises many questions among the normal cinegoers. What happens next? Why the Director has stopped here etc; the story is wafer thin. The way movie was opened and the screenplay are interesting. The narration is bit slow with more blank frames.

The film is very good in the technical aspect. The CGI effects are good. The art work is good. Camera work by Reddy is good, Ravi once again experimented with steady and static camera angles, and many shots give the view of entire room/hall visible. Shekar Chandra has shown his mark in background score. The sound effects used are good. Thrillers always look good when they are short and crisp and this movie is 115minute duration and the lack of songs is a big plus (songs could have definitely been speed breakers to the flow).
The movie is targeted at only Multiplex Audiences and it serves the purpose. The movie gives you a feel of watching a Short Film on a Big Screen.

Plus: Performances(poorna), Thrilling scenes
Minus: abrupt ending, Wafer thin story

Verdict: A simple thriller high on Technical values, A Short film(mini Movie) on a Big Screen