Allari Naresh’s Interview: Birthday Boy

Posted : June 30, 2014 at 3:07 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Allari Naresh is revered as one of the bankable stars in T-town. Known for his comedy-timing, Naresh has carved out a niche for comedy entertainers. His brand of comedy is popular in tickling the funny bone of audiences. Although Naresh was born into a filmy family (he is the second son of late director EVV Satyanrayana), it wasn’t easy for him to establish himself in showbiz. In a career spanning over 12 years, Naresh is going to complete 49 films by this year and likely to start his landmark project- 50th film- next year. Naresh celebrates his 35th birthday today.



What are your birthday resolutions?

I don’t have any resolutions as such but this birthday is special to me. Rajesh and I have relaunched my dad’s production house EVV Cinema. When my dad was producing films, I have assisted him as an executive producer. Now Rajesh and I took over the mantle. We’re coming up with Bandipotu. Each year, we’re planning to produce 3 films and want to rope in other stars.

Your previous films have bombed at Box Office. Are you unfazed?

It’d not be appropriate to say unfazed but I’m moving on. I have worked very hard for all my films. Especially, for my previous film Laddu Babu I had to spend hours in make up room to look like fat guy. I couldn’t even eat something due to makeup and had to take liquids as diet. The working hours of the film had a bad impact on my health and I lost my weight. At times, even we work hard, final result may not be in favour of it. We have to take hits and flops in same stride and move on.

What impressed you to take up Bandipotu?

It’s a kind of Robinhood film. When director Indraganti Mohana Krishna (Anthaka Mundu Aa Tharuvatha fame) narrated me the story, I was quite impressed. It’s a different film altogether.

You turned 35. When will you get married?

(Laughs) Everyone is asking me the same question. My mother is hunting for a perfect girl. She put a deadline to me and asked me to complete all my films by March 31, 2015. I might tie the knot then.

What is in store for Naresh?

My dad always wanted Rajesh to be an actor and wanted me to be a director. Unexpectedly, I too became an actor. Yet I always wanted to direct a film. I’d like to wield the megaphone and want to fulfill my dad’s dream. I’m planning to complete 3 films by this year which takes my total count to 49. On Jan 1, I’d like to start my 50th film. I want it to be very special. I’ll be directing a film by 2017. Meanwhile, besides production, my brother is working hard on shaping up his body. He is going to play baddie in few films. By next year, he might be a busy actor.