Woes of Nandi-Award Winner

Posted : June 29, 2014 at 5:50 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Actor-Producer Prem Kumar Patra’s name might not ring a bell instantly. For all those late comers, Prem has produced movies like ‘Aa Naluguru’ and ‘Vinayakudu’ and have bagged accolades, awards. He has won two Nandi Awards respectively for both Aa Naluguru, Vinayakudu.

Contrary to the spirit he would be having after winning those awards, Prem Kumar says, “It is bad time for small films. I’ve been struggling for a while to release my latest flick ‘Aa Aiduguru’ that aimed to spread social awareness.” They say that Prem Kumar is unable to find a distributor to release his flick and hence he himself is directly releasing it by paying rents to theatres. “Most distributors and exhibitors invest heavily in big films without even knowing their story and end up losing heavily on many occasions. But they are not interested in small films though the risk factor is minimum here,” he said, blasting the big-distributors of Tollywood indirectly.

On a concluding note, the two-time Nandi award winner confirms, “I’ll not produce films for money, but will focus only on social awareness.” In fact, Prem Kumar Patra is having such a passion for society, but he should also make a note that many distributors do business here not social service. That is making the whole difference. Hope the movie does well at Box Office and mint money for him.