Will Pawan Pass or Fail?

Posted : May 1, 2014 at 12:49 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
pawan kalyan
Frankly, superstar Pawan wouldn’t have been anxious even for his acting debut and even for his directorial debut, but he should be going through some sleepless nights for his political stint to garner more seats for Mr. Modi and alliance partner TDP in hostile Telangana.

Since he is not contesting elections, he can’t be termed as his political debut, but lot is at stake for the Gabbar Singh star in terms of testing his popularity and how many voters he could influence in voting for TDP-BJP alliance in this 10 day campaign. It would have been a different picture, if he had fielded Jana Sena candidates, but due to lack of time, he had to support Mr. Modi and team and even took-on KCR and family and his confrontation mood, worried TRS leaders and they filed defamation cases.

So more than Mr. Modi and Naidu, Pawan’s charisma is at stake in 119 assembly and 17 lok sabha seats. Surely, Pawan would be keeping his fingers crossed until May 16th, to check whether he passed or failed in his support?