Will Balakrishna make it?

Posted : March 25, 2014 at 7:54 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Legend filmmakers must be happy to see their film making so much buzz prior to the release. It has been a while since Balakrishna’s film has truly raised expectations before the release. Legend looked promising right from the day it was announced and maintained the tempo till now. It is just couple of days away from achieving the biggest task, impressing the paying public!

Recent trend clearly proves one thing that it won’t be easy or take it for granted for any movie to attain hit status. Viewers have become very selective in making their choices. Any film that has got bad or average talk is failing to cross the mark. Not many big films survived at the box office in the past six months.

Hiked ticket prices and piracy are affecting collections of average or flop films. It is extremely important for the films to impress at least one section of audience to be in the safe zone. Legend has done very good pre-release business and the film is made on a high scale. It is very important for this film to get very good talk on the first day to enjoy long run. It is not as easy as it appears. Legend has a huge task on his hands.