Want divorce? Get Evidence From Facebook

Posted : November 1, 2014 at 9:10 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Importance of social media network is increasing day by day. Now it is logging into genex divorce battles. Now a days couples who are approaching courts for divorce are using social media to submit proofs.

Recently a 27 year old flashed photo of young woman in sleeveless shirt, clad in jeans with another man from his mobile to substantiate his claim that his wife was immoral in a family court. The photo was that of his wife’s college days which was shared to her husband by her friend.

Judge and the lawyers were not surprised. Because family courts for over the last one year witnessed young couple presenting evidence on social media. In a bizarre incident, a woman sought divorce as her husband refused to change his relationship status in Facebook from single to married.

A court recently granted divorce when a man submitted printed evidence of his wife’s facebook conversation with another woman. A woman approached court for divorce saying her husband is spending hours on facebook. Lawyers say “spending time on Facebook or WhatsApping” is gradually replacing “watching porn online” as one of the grounds for divorce.

Social media has been extensively used not only to produce evidence but also as character assassination tool. Recently a person came with series of posts on Facebook demeaning his wife’s character.