Voters show their power!

Posted : May 17, 2014 at 12:51 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The people of Indian democracy have voted for exit of a corrupt government while letting in yet another corrupt government. This kind of statement needs certain explanation in its backdrop. It is a fact that no political party in India is absolutely fair in nature and above the politics of corruption in its very constitution.

Hence so also are the congress and the BJP as mentioned by you? As seen from the voter trend congress government was routed mainly because of corruption that reached its zenith during the UPA rule .This factor was in the view of the voters besides the rule by a bad governance marked by price rise, unemployment, escalated oil and power charges and a host of other negative aspects which pushed the national development almost into a quagmire and crisis.

In between the overtly projected Modi v/s Rahul factors, which made a very striking impact on the people, Modi’s Gujarat model of development has greatly appeased every section of the voter population so much so that there has been a wishful thinking that the former could bring in all needed results with the impetus and capability with which he drove the state of Gujarat to the pinnacle of its glory during his three term rule. In the preference of Modi factor, by the voters, the previously existing setback of Modi due to Gujarat riots and the religious distraught wherein 20,000 Muslims were massacred did not make an impact.

In fact, his efficiency in making a unique development of the State had offset the Godhra impact as seen from the fact that a sizable section of Muslim population has favored his incumbency for a fourth time in 2014 elections The dynasty factor of Nehru-Gandhi family that was conventional and ritual so far in the history of India’s election pattern has been miserably given a go bye in the 2014 elections that are basically resounding and indicating of a new trend / wave created by the invincible Modi in order to let him seat on the mantle of power.

People have been greatly inspired by the issue of development factor as resolved by Modi. In their assessment of choice between Modi and Rahul, democracy tilted towards leadership factor sans showing priority on the basis of party’s credibility, which hence tantamount to a model concept of Presidential form of government rather than a Parliamentary form the typical in nature during the recently held elections of 2014.