Vishal’s sentiment for injuries vishal-reddy Indrudu

Posted : July 14, 2014 at 1:19 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Actor Vishal Krishna Reddy’s latest release Indrudu has been declared as hit in Telugu. He’s a happy man and he even recently shared his happiness on the sets of Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu with Nagarjuna. Currently, Vishal is shooting for Tamil film Poojai. While filming an action scene for the film recently, Vishal slipped and fell and fractured his hand, but he continued shooting.

Quiz him why he didn’t stop shooting and attend to his hand, he said that he had a doctor and a physiotherapist on sets who attended to him and said it wasn’t a serious injury that needed rest. The other reason being that he has always believed that the films in which he got injured while shooting have turned out to be hits. It’s a sentiment he follows and he says that it has always worked in his favour.

The film’s crew is currently shooting in Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. Shruti Haasan is playing Vishal’s heroine in the film and this is the first time the two have collaborated for a film. In fact, while on the sets of MEK, Vishal told Nagarjuna that his favorite heroine is Shruti, with whom he’s currently working.