Video Talk: Sunitha Is Disappointing!

Posted : April 16, 2014 at 9:37 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
To promote the movie ‘Anamika’, beautiful singer Sunitha has come up with a unique promotional song shot by Sekhar Kammula and his friend, director Anish Kuruvilla. Let’s have a look at this video, to find out how far it is impressive.

A video song titled ‘Kshana Kshanam’, sung and acted by Sunitha is released by makers of ‘Anamika’ today. This soothing melody explains the ordeal of one Anamika played by Nayantara on silver screen, who comes to Hyderabad in search of her missing husband. This happens to be first music video of Sunitha, and she seems to be like not so comfortable in front of the camera.

As the video intercuts between parts filmed on Sunitha and Nayantara in the movie, the mixed emotion gives a bumpy feeling. At the time when Nayan is feeling all the pain and her teary filled eyes revealing that, it is funny to see that Sunitha is smiling to sing the pathos song. This cuts the emotion to a half, and makes the video disappointing.