Upasna Does The Unthinkable

Posted : May 6, 2014 at 9:40 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Upasna Kamineni and the name is quite big among business circles but after her marriage to movie hero Ram Charan, she became a celebrity among all sections of audiences. However there used to be some remarks of this successful business tycoon, and now she did the unthinkable to make people withdraw that critism.

At the time of marriage with Charan, she used to look a little chubby with much fat on her side. People used to say that our hero is looking like a fitness freak, while being a businesswoman into hospitality sector Upasna is more a food freak. Taking these comments seriously, Upasna has now shed around 20 kilos of weight and is looking as slim as Ram Charan. With controlled diet and power yoga combined with a  little of aerobics, she lost oodles of weight, said a source.

The other day when Upasna turned up alongside Charan for a couple of events in the city including inauguration a women’s tennis championship, this high profile lady became a big talk. Well, that’s what we could say determination folks, and we have to appreciate Upasna.