Unexpected googly from the voters of India!!!

Posted : May 17, 2014 at 12:42 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


This was definitely an unexpected googly from the voters of India. All the exit polls and expectations from the various political parties have gone wrong. Most of the exit polls predicted that NDA would form the Government at the Center, which though has come correct but with a difference. Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party has stood in a position with no need of any alliances and support to form a Government.

BJP alone is bagged 283 Parliament seats, which holds a good positive margin from the required magic figure of 272. Adding up all its Alliance parties, NDA stands in a very strong position with a strength of 337 gaining 196 seats from what it had in 2009. All these figures prove that the voters are fed up with the alliance Governments being seen from a long time.

The previous Governments of UPA1 and UPA 2, and the before ones were always coalition Governments consisting of multiple regional and semi national parties. They always had hesitations, ifs and buts to take decisions. There wasn’t always a single deciding authority.

This rather had proved a major hindrance for the development of the nation and good of the people. May be this has struck in the minds of voters. There is always been a key factor of Anti-incumbency in regards with any poll that happens in not just India, but across the world. The people of India have seen Governments of Congress led UPA for the past two terms. The performances of these Governments for the past two terms were not liked, may be by the voters. The latest results strongly say that people are fed up with UPA’s rule and they wanted the change. This change is the BJP Government being led by Narendra Modi.