Tollywood To Follow Bollywood Now

Posted : October 1, 2014 at 4:02 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


It is more like a testament that Tollywood tends to follow Bollywood in many areas. Be it fashion, stories or the production values, Bollywood has set a benchmark for Tollywood. However, the one thing Tollywood didn’t get from Bollywood is the business acumen. So now, there is news that even that is being worked out.

Apparently, Bollywood is coming up with a sizable number of low budget movies and they are minting profits. Notable in that list are names like Ekta Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt. The filmmakers usually come with youth appealing stories with romance, sex as the main focus. The shocking part is, their budget is less than Telugu movie budgets and almost every movie does not exceed more than Rs 2.5 cr to Rs 3 cr.

But in Tollywood, a middle range hero’s film means the budget has to be Rs 5 crores to Rs 6 crores. If you look at the Hindi circuit, due to the optimum budget for their films, even if the result is a worst flop at the box office, it fetches at least Rs 8 crores. And if the film works then it touches at least Rs 40 crores. So, Telugu movies and its makers have to work according to the market stamina and not go for pomp and buildup. Perhaps they can explore more on the ‘Cooperative Method’ which is quite effective.