Telugu director makes a debut in Bollywood

Posted : July 16, 2014 at 6:20 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Tollywood director Ajay Bhuyan after Two not so good films in Tollywood makes his ventures for Bollywood. He already signed up for a film in Bollywood “Amit Sahni Ki List” and he hopes this can be his successful venture for his career. Speaking on this he gave an exclusive interview recently.

“Getting into Bollywood was actually easy because after I finished my first film, out of the blue someone called and asked if I would like to direct a Hindi film. I said yes but on the condition that I will make changes to the script if needed. I never went in search of work, it came to me,” Ajay told.

“It was easy getting the job, but it took us almost two years to get the film released. I think that was the challenging part in this whole experience,It’s a rom-com and I think such films are usually from the girl’s point of view. This film is from a guy’s point of view. Pardon my language, but instead of a chick flick, I would call this a dick flick. There’s nothing vulgar about it but it’s just that the reference is more suitable to the story,” he said.