Telugu Aunty Questions Sharmila’s ‘Vulgarity’

Posted : May 5, 2014 at 7:40 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Known for her meaty character roles on silver screen, Telugu aunty Ramya Sri started a new chapter in life by joining Telugu Desam Party. What’s more? Ramya Sri criticized YS Sharmila with her choicest of words about the vulgarity the YSR Congress leader is putting up in her speeches.

“Each and every word Sharmila utters about senior politicians with disrespect is highly objectionable. How could she call Chandra Babu Naidu in a singular tone, and in vulgar fashion?,” asked Ramya Sri, while reacting Sharmila’s whacky tone while addressing TDP president. “TDP Chief is of her father’s age and she should respect him for his stature. If this is the scene now, imagine what happens if power is given to them,” Ramya Sri cautioned, indirectly hinting that Jagan’s party will bring faction-politics to place if elected in 2014 elections.

Also Ramya Sri shared her thoughts about Sharmila’s remarks on Nara Lokesh. As Chandra Babu is asking people to elect experienced people like him rather an inexperienced like Jagan, Sharmila asked what experience Lokesh is having. “Lokesh is just a TDP leader who is working close with all other cadres to ensure party’s win. He is not contesting in elections like Jagan. How could Sharmila question about his experience?,” Ramya Sri  shot back.