Telangana govt ready to debar the Judas

Posted : November 5, 2014 at 7:05 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Finally the government of Telangana has determined to take a very stringent action against the Junior Doctors who have been on a massive strike for 38 days till now over some issues with the rural apprenticeship order by the government. As the doctors refused to cease the strike and resume their duties even after the high court’s comments and government’s repetitive warnings, now the government has started pondering over to take a very stringent action against them.

Reportedly, the government has determined to debar the Judos from pursuing their further studies if they won’t stop their agitation within 10 days. DME Putta Srinivas said that government had clearly instructed them to take a severe action against the Judos and it also urged to go through G.O. no 1022. He said the judos’ days of strike would be treated as the absent period and thus they would lose a whole academic year when they wouldn’t meet the attendance required per their group.

The government has also sent notices to the parents of Judos warning them to look after their children’s future.