TDP trying its best – Mahesh is unwilling!!

Posted : April 17, 2014 at 9:19 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Some highly placed sources revealed that Telugudesam party is trying all possible ways to make superstar Mahesh Babu as face of the party in Guntur where his brother in law Jayadev Galla is contesting. Though Mahesh expressed his unanimous support to Jayadev, it seems like still he is averse to join campaigns.

All these days there are signs of uncertainty about Mahesh Babu’s support to his Baava, as the actor hasn’t come out open about it. But with that one long tweet, Mahesh expressed his opinion straight, declaring that he will be going to vote for his brother in law only. Does that mean, he is also supporting the Telugudesam party that gave ticket to Jayadev? It is heard that from quite a few days, TDP is trying its best to make Mahesh jump into the party and campaign on behalf of his baava and others in Guntur. Only after such a heavy pressure, Mahesh has even kept that tweet; otherwise he wouldn’t have opened his mouth.

But cleverly, Mahesh supported the candidature, vision and qualities of his brother in law but not that of Telugudesam party. Though common public are carried away that Mahesh supported TDP too, political observers are reading between the lines analysing that Mahesh is unwilling to support TDP as that might affect his film career. That’s the insider story.