TDP and BJP Combo troubles Congress in Telangana!

Posted : April 11, 2014 at 7:07 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies

Congress High Command received reports and feedback from Telangana that were not encouraging to the party. Congress had completed its selection of the candidates and ready to launch campaign in the region. Congress party pinned lot of  hopes on this region because of granting separate statehood to fulfill the wishes of Telangana people. TRS gave shock by denying to merger and for alliance with Congress.

Adding to that, BJP and TDP alliance is causing fear to Congress. As per recent reports, Congress High Command received negative reports after the alliance of TDP and BJP was finalized. People in Telangana have remembered that BJP has played positive role in passing the Telangana bill in the Parliament. TDP cadre added to their sentiment damage happened to the Congress heavily. Telangana Congress leaders are feared of BJP leader Sushma Swaraj campaign in the region. Telangana Congress leaders are not wanted Prince Rahul Gandhi.
As per their feedback, Congress has planned to limit the Rahul role in Telangana. Rahul is strictly limited to road shows but not for public meetings. Telangana leaders want to add two or three public meetings other than Karimnagar on April 16th. Reportedly, Sonia ordered Jyothiradithya Scindia to travel Telangana for campaign. As per party internal survey, TDP and BJP would bag 6 MP segments in the region. Congress too satisfied just 5 to 6 MP segments. There is no guarantee of landslide for the Congress. Congress would manage to win within 40 Assembly Segments in Telangana.