TDP-BJP Alliance – Why Everyone Opposing It?

Posted : April 7, 2014 at 6:35 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Ever since both TDP and BJP officially declared that they joined hands after 10 years of sabbatical, political opponents including TRS, MIM and Congress are breathing fire on the move. Why is everyone opposing this coalition which earlier anyway joined hands and formed a consistent government?

At the present scenario, there is no question of any party getting huge majority to form governments whether in Seemandhra or in Telangana. Mainly in Telangana, the main contenders are TRS, T-Congress, T-TDP and BJP. Ruling party will definitely use the card that is realized the 60 year old dream of Telangana and demands votes. At the same time, TRS is busy spreading that only due to their 13 years hard work T-state is granted. TDP is putting their pawns saying their supremo’s letter worked in favour of bifurcation, while BJP stressed that only their voting helped the bill getting passed. So, all parties seem to have equal share in division of Andhra Pradesh, and hence there will be only hung in T-assembly irrespective of how hard each party tries.

Coming to Seemandhra, lot of urban voters want Narendra Modi as Prime Minister and rural voters are thinking that their children should get jobs and they should get educated in wonderful infrastructure, that happened during 1997s regime of Chandrababu. And now with TDP-BJP joining hands, this is one perfect powerful group everyone loves to vote for. Chances of congress are already ruined her in Seemandhra, and Jagan will surely get affected by this move.

Obviously the TDP-BJP alliance will be powerful in the list now. And that will ruin chances of TRS to come to power as they thought of shaking hands with BJP if there is any scarcity of numbers. Undoubtedly the unison of two major forces surely affect the rest of players in the game in Seemandhra, as the experience of this coalition is looking like one favourable sign. That explains why all other parties are breathing fire and spreading venom on TDP-BJP alliance.