Tamasha of two seats should end

Posted : March 20, 2014 at 5:27 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Its high time, Election Commission puts an end to this ‘tamasha’ of candidates contesting from two constituencies in different places, since the subsequent and unnecessary by-election (as a candidate has to resign one of those seats) is nothing but wasting tax payers money. Again the Modi, Mulayam and even Chandrababu Naidu, Jagan Mohan Reddy, thinking of contesting from two seats and carry on this age-old and redundant practice, which makes mockery of democracy and which has no use to the voters (whose money they blow up). God forbidden, if not Election Commission amendment  in 1951 that reduced the candidates from choice of many seats to two just seats, our politicians would have played havoc by now. Earlier it was meant to show that national leaders belong to all the regions and are not biased towards one region, so leaders Indira Gandhi, Vajpayee, Lk Advani, MGR, NTR, others,  would contest from different regions, as a  symbolism of representation, because he or she has to retain only one seat and forgo the other, so why fight into two places.

Gradually, the new-age leaders have taken it as a opportunity to pick safe seat and one not-so safe seat, because they are unable to trust voters completely. For instance, evenm  though surveys have predicted BJP’s wave, ironically, its top leader Modi, is not takng chances and preffering two seats. Instead of leaders showing their love for two different and distance regions, now this ‘two seat’ formula is in vogue is just keep their cadre in good spirit by contesting in their region and also to galvanise voters 30 constituencies around it, instead of enthusing voters of far off regions, it has become a idea to boost party workers.  Even Chandrababu Naidu and Jagan Mohan, should desist from it in 2014 and set a new trend, instead of wasting peopl’e money and that money can be used for a welfare of the peple.

Such restricition could risk a politician’s career, so its better for him to chose the right place, but that’s only fair in a war or an election, since winning and losing is part of a game and should be taken sportively. Why taxpayers help hedge political bets. Lets make one person, one vote with one candidate, one seat a rule, What you say guys?