I Take Pawan Very Seriously: Sekhar Kammula

Posted : March 31, 2014 at 10:21 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
Director Sekhar Kammula has simple kicked hornet’s nest by saying openly that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has disappointed him a lot. His straight questions shot at Pawan have hurt the hero’s fans, and a war of sorts started on social networks with people taking sides.

As Pawan Kalyan announced his ‘Jana Sena’, Sekhar is one of those high spirited individuals who got completely excited thinking that they will be seeing a change very soon. But with Pawan simply finishing off things that he is not contesting elections and also giving a call that he support Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, many people are disappointed including our director.

“Disappointed, confused.. aa aavesam etu poyyindi…oka anyaanni edurokodaniki maro arrachakaanni aruvu techhukovadam poratam anipinchukodu… Oka vyakthini gelipinchandi ani cheppadaniki intha avesam akkaraledu… Kulam matham prantham peruna vidvashalu repi elections lo gelavali ani choose ye vyakti ki gani party ki gani manalni paripalinche arhata ledu… (sic), Sekhar posted on his Facebook wall, as his reaction. However this hasn’t gone well with Pawan’s fans and they started to blast Sekhar with their choices of abuses. From calling him an hypocrite to terming him as Joker, fans used almost all the kinds of cuss words to blame him.

But Sekhar feels that he took Pawan very seriously and hence he is frustrated. ‘I’m very serious that Pawan Kalyan will show us a new direction at the time when politics are travelling into dark. But he has simply endorsed someone who credentials are doubtful. After starting a political party you should not tell them to endorse someone’, said Sekhar.