Swetha Basu Prasad – The Two Sides Of Coin

Posted : November 6, 2014 at 11:47 am IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Accusing media of sensationalism, actress Swetha Basu Prasad sounded as if she is calling a spade a spade. Talking about her educational background, national award winning tasks, newly addicted photography, Swetha has given ‘gyaan’ to media condemning that there is no question of any ‘prostitution’ from her side.

“I’m not using drugs, neither murdering people. People are interested about this episode because there’s some sex involved here and a celebrity”, she quipped, giving a clean chit to herself in the whole medley of sensational news. This is just one side of the coin however.

On the flip side, Hyderabad’s additional Police commissioner N Koti Reddy claimed that they have specific information about Swetha Basu Prasad after a TV channel aired sting operation about her escapades. He made it clear that an assistant director turned pimp was arranging customers for Swetha at a price. And they have red-handedly caught the actress by arranging a decoy operation, and arrested Balu. He stated that Swetha is a victim and she will be a witness in the trial against the pimp.

But, what is to be noticed, understood and found out here is what Swetha is saying and what has happened for real. Even after the ‘sting operation’ that got 100s of clues, audiences are in a position, scratching their heads, unable to believe neither side of the coin.