Suresh Babu’s Sensational Comments

Posted : July 9, 2014 at 3:35 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Producer Suresh Babu is well-known as soft-spoken person and he always shies away to speak to media. And controversies and Suresh Babu are miles apart. One of the leading producers of Telugu film industry and head of Suresh Productions, Suresh has finally broken his silence on brewing dilemma- Shifting of Tollywood.

The star producer has spoken at length on the bifurcation row and challenges ahead for Telugu cinema. Suresh Babu says, “Telugu film industry is going to witness drastic changes in the next five years. Film industry will be developed cutting across borders. Along with Hyderabad, industry will be developed simultaneously in Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Tada. It all depends on the functioning of both State governments. The future of Telugu cinema depends on the benefits, tax exemptions and facilities assured by both State governments. Naturally, film industry will be inclined towards better options, good governance.”

Hinting that all is not well in Hyderabad, Suresh Babu points out, “Hyderabad has facilities on par with intenrational standards yet shooting in Hyderabad has become a Herculean task these days. Especially shooting outdoors scenes in Hyderabad is very difficult. One has to bribe police, and later one has to control the crowds. Amalapuram, Palakollu and Vizag don’t have such problems. One could do shoots without any hassles. Godavari districts have that comfort. We have shot Uyyala Jampala there.”

Suresh Babu further adds, “Technology has come in handy for film industry. Gone are the days labs play key role in filmmaking. With the advent of new-age digital technology one could make a film from anywhere. Editing could be done even in laptops provided good software. Dubbing, Re-recording and recording could be done even in homes.”

Veering towards the regular complaint from small-ticket producers that theatres are not available to their films, Suresh clarifies, “It’s not fair to talks so. Distributors and exhibitors will always come forward to buy films provided it is a good film. A film should able to capture their attention and make some pre-release buzz. One should create a demand for their own film from distributor and exhibitors.”

The one big controversy that is doing the rounds for a while is that “there is high-handedness” of “top four producers”. Allegations are rife that few big-wig producers are “holding grip over theatres” and acting at their behest causing damage to other films. Straightly put, allegation is that there is a “mafia” in distribution, exhibition. Ask him about it. Pat comes reply from Suresh Babu. “It is not right to point fingers at all four producers. Not just here, this kind of culture is there throughout India. Even in Bollywood, only few leading production houses handle theatres. As long as one does business legitimately, it is not a wrong. Everyone has to understand this. Suresh Productions has been in this business for the past 50 years. As long as we do business according to laws, there is nothing wrong in it,” Suresh concludes.