Sunil Delivered ‘Crime’ Too Boldly

Posted : July 19, 2014 at 6:08 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


Among the present generation of directors we have, it is really difficult to distinguish between ‘commercial’ directors and directors belonging to one particular genre. But we are talking about no romance specialist here. Our target is director Sunil Kumar Reddy who earlier made ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ and now attempted another such story with ‘Oka Criminal Premakatha’.

Sunil Kumar Reddy has won national award for movie like Gangaputrulu and that made him an artistic director known for his realistic touch. Unfortunately he was criticized earlier when he came up with ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ as the movie is too much on the ‘boothu’ side, though its reality. Taking that sleaziness to next level, he has dealt with domestic sexual harassment and molestation this time in ‘Oka Criminal Prema Katha’. While the point he has taken is contemporary and daily news kind of, he portrayed that too boldly, which sometimes looked vulgar. Some audiences are feeling the flick heavy as the scenes of elderly persons sexually harassing young kids are conceived with utter rawness.

We have to praise the director’s effort, but he should have toned the dose little down by playing emotionally and avoiding the unnecessary ‘A’ content. If majority of fun loving audiences are finding this flick tough to bear, there are some fans too.