Shooting Straight: Our Questions to Chiru

Posted : March 24, 2014 at 7:10 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies
With Pawan Kalyan floating his own political outfit Jana Sena Party, Chiranjeevi is facing a lot of brunt in political and social circles. Although he is trying to put a bold face in front of media, it is visibly evident that Mega fans are split into Pawan’s group and Chiru’s group. Truth be told, there are hardly people supporting Chiranjeevi in Seemandhra. And the case is no different in Telangana.

One interesting debate put by Chiru’s fans (who are very few) is “Why only target Chiru?” “When all politicians have done their parts in bifurcation?” “Chiru is not in a position to influence his high command”.

These very questions itself say that they’re agreed to fact that Chiranjeevi is no DIFFERENT from the rest of politicians. Then why did he float a political party Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) and called for CHANGE? Why didn’t he join Congress first if he is sure that Congress could achieve ‘social-justice’? Why did he breach the trust of people who voted him and unilaterally merged the party with Congress after polls? When Chiru can’t even reflect the people’s will of his region, then why is he continuing in Union Minister post? Why is he coming again for votes for the very same post, party? What is the ‘social-justice’ he and Congress achieved by merging PRP? Why didn’t he still quit Congress party which gave raw-deal to Seemandhra and bifurcated State in foul manner? Why did Chiru tried to occupy CM post till the last minute when whole Seemandhra is crying foul over division?

The above are the unanswered questions by Chiru. Since he is in public domain, he must answer them. No matter what he and his fans say, truth remains that majority people of Andhra Pradesh are seeing Chiranjeevi as ‘Cheater’. It is visible that Chiru lost his fan base due to his blunders. Now his fan base shifted loyalties to Pawan Kalyan who is honest and appears far better than his big brother in many ways. It’s sad that from Andarivadu (Man of Everybody), Mega Star turned into Evvari vadu kadu (Man of Nobody).