Shocking:Government tells Chiru to get out!!

Posted : October 11, 2014 at 8:19 pm IST by ManaTeluguMovies


The Mega Star and Ex-Union Minister is not likely to move away from the bungalow in Delhi he was allotted when he was a Central Union Minister during Congress rule. But, after the new government came into existence, Chiranjeevi still did not vacate the bungalow till date. But why? Though he still remains to be a Rajya Sabha member, he will be allotted a bungalow that is smaller than the one compared to the one allotted to him when he was a Union Minister.

However, he had received notifications to vacate the bungalow for the present Union Ministers to reside. But Chiranjeevi did not respond to these notifications and still remain to stay there only. The Urban Development Ministry has issued him two notices to vacate but Chiru did not respond to any one. Because Chiru has ignored these notices from the Ministry, he will be vacated forcefully from the bungalow.

How shameful? But why is Chiranjeevi is doing like this? Is he feeling shame leave to the big bungalow and shift to the smaller one? What’s the reason behind it? However, I think he should have vacated once the ministry asked him to which would have been more better.